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Kickstart Your Smart Factory Initiatives

CKD's line of closed-loop, stepper motor-driven electric actuators incorporates the simplicity of pneumatics with the control and flexibility of electrics making them an ideal choice for your Smart Factory Initiatives.

For real cost savings,

Cut Your Energy Costs with CKD

Replace your Pneumatic Actuators with Electric Actuators

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  • Compressed air systems have leaks & inefficiencies

  • Compress air systems are an EXPENSIVE resource

  • Compressors are always running

CKD has exceptional products. We have CKD products that have been running for 20+ years!

~Senior Maintenance Engineer

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CKD designed their electric actuators with compatible mounting to seamlessly upgrade from pneumatic actuators to electric actuators.


The appearance of CKD's electric actuators looks pneumatic. They also have similar power with incredible speed & control.

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Easy to Use

CKD's Valve Mode operation allows users to control electric actuators like a solenoid valve.

Adding an electric actuator to an existing system is easy. They have fewer components and electric actuators have lower operating costs.

CKD's Electric Solutions

EBR Series


CKD's EBR-M/G Series rod with built-in guide electric actuator for assembly, inspection,  press-fitting, and hoisting applications.

EBS Series


CKD's EBS-M/G Series slider-type, compact electric actuators for high-speed transport applications including assembly and inspection.

FGRC Series


CKD's FGRC Series rotary-type electric actuators are ideal for a wide range of applications including assembly, handling, and inspection.

ECR Series


One controller system for every actuator model and size. Save money on spare parts and inventory. Plus, CKD's controller is compatible with all types of industrial networks.

CKD's EBR series electric actuators
CKD's EBS series slider-type electric actuators
CKD's FGRC Series rotary electric actuators
CKD's ECR Series Controller
EBR series
EBR Series electric actuators

CKD designed the EBR Series electric actuators with a built-in outer rail to reduce the need for additional guides. Its compact and highly rigid design saves space. 

A batteryless absolute encoder can be installed to retain position information even during an emergency stop and origin return isn't required.

  • Supports offset workpieces

  • Reduce equipment downtime

  • Reduce installation time

EBS series
EBS Series electric actuators

Achieve a smaller equipment footprint with CKD's EBS-M/G Series electric actuators. CKD designed their slider-type electric actuator with a compact body that offers high rigidity.

In addition, the EBS Series are designed for uncomplicated, easy maintenance thereby extending the life of the actuator if maintained on a regular basis.

  • Save space

  • Reduce downtime

  • Quick installation & easy maintenance

FGRC series
FGRC Series electric actuators

CKD's rotary-type electric actuators are ideal for Assembly, Handling, and Inspection applications.


A wide variety of operations such as multipoint positioning of the table and reverse operation of the held workpiece are possible for flexible production.

What sets CKD apart from the rest?

  • Reduced adjustment time of equipment

  • Simple layout concept

  • Space saving

ECR series
ECR Series controller

CKD designed the ECR Series to control every actuator model and size and to be compatible with all types of industrial networks.

An automatic recognition function reads the actuator information reducing installation time.

Having one controller also saves money on spare parts and inventory.

ECR Series is compatible with five models.

ECG Series is compatible with two models.

Ready to Make the Switch to Electrics?

We understand that every customer and application is unique and needs strategy support to make sure you get the best fit for your application. Choose the best next step that aligns with your current priorities.

Looking for something custom? Call us 1-865-409-1555

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