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elliTek leads the way in IIoT Data Management because of our unique ability to provide genuine solutions that empower the individual to expedite operational decisions that can further improve your manufacturing processes.

The inventor of the award-winning Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance is also the president of elliTek, Brandon Ellis. After 20 years in the industrial automation industry, Brandon knew there had to be a better way for plant floor systems (OT) and enterprise-level (IT) networks to communicate. Read more about Brandon's story and the Golden Mousetrap Award here


With the development of its IIoT Data Management product line, elliTek continues to provide high-level products which focus on the balance of powerful functionality, done with simplicity in order to empower the individual and make an Impact!

Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance

elliTek's Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance moves data between factory floor machines and enterprise/IT level databases without a PC.


It's designed as industrial-hardened firmware using point-and-click setup to deliver manufacturing intelligence in minutes vs. days.

A high-speed, two-way gateway connection protects data integrity and isolates OT from IT networks.


Click Here to see where the Data Commander sits on the network.


The Data Commander can be leveraged to improve your production processes and equipment ROI.

IIoTA™ - Industrial Internet of Things Appliance

elliTek's IIoTA (Industrial Internet of Things Appliance) is truly revolutionary in that the database server is integrated within this appliance. It can be configured to operate 100% stand-alone. No enterprise network is required. 


Because the data server is locally integrated, data can be captured without the need for an external storage area. This allows a stand-alone production line to meet traceability and defect flow-out prevention requirements without implementing a costly network infrastructure.

elliTek's IIoTA Lineside Server Appliance

IIoTA's Built-In Features


Using elliTek's Process Workflow Setup Software , a lineside defect flow-out prevention system can be configured quickly so that the proper processes are completed successfully and in order within a multi-operator assembly line.


The IIoTA delivers lineside reporting in canned and configurable dashboards. These dashboards can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or any viewable device connected to the local network.


IIoTA's Machine Downtime Manager report correlates fault count with resulting downtime to ensure more efficient use of engineering and maintenance resources.


IIoTA's Machine Storyline report analyzes uptime, downtime, shortstop, setup, and changeover of line side machines.


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