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Datalogic - The Vision Is Yours

Datalogic is a global technology company that focuses on automatic data capture and
process automation technologies. 

Datalogic produced the first commercial bar code scan that initiated a revolution in the automatic data capture industry.  In addition to bar code readers, Datalogic has expanded its innovative technology to designing and producing sensors for detection, measurement and safety, vision and laser marking systems, and mobile computers.

elliTek and Datalogic have partnered together to provide East Tennessee businesses the finest in cutting-edge solutions that increase efficiencies and quality in the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Healthcare industries.

Explore the Safety solutions and products that Datalogic has to offer.  Talk to an engineer to learn more about Datalogic's Vision Systems, Handheld and Stationary Industrial Scanners, and Sensors.

Datalogic's Safety Solutions

DataLogic Safety

In a manufacturing environment, the safety of employees is a top priority for plant managers.  There are countless aspects that represent safety risks for employees.  The good news is that Datalogic and elliTek have your back!

Datalogic's safety solutions allow companies to comply with international safety standards and improve processes in manufacturing, as well as logistics. 


elliTek's Engineering Team has the experience and expertise to perform risk analyses and can guide you towards the right safety solution for your application.


For the protection of employees, safety optoelectronic devices are mandatory in potentially hazardous areas, plants, and machinery.  These devices are required in an array of industries and applications.  


Whether or not your company must comply with machine safeguarding requirements or you are searching for safety solutions to protect operators, safety optoelectronic devices provide an ideal solution. 

Datalogic's Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains protect the operator's fingers, hands, and arms.  Combined with Safety Light Grids or Photocells and Control Units, body passage can be detected as well.

Protect your Machinery by preventing access to a hazardous point.  Protect your Robotic work cell with Safety Light Curtains, or Photocells and Control Units.  Stop your Conveyor or Palletizer if an operator tries to access it or it's at a dangerous point (Muting makes it possible to distinguish materials or pallets).  Protect your Automated Warehouse from access with long-distance perimeter protections combined with barriers.  For vertical warehouses, the access is controlled with hand or finger protection.

Datalogic designs and manufactures a complete line of type 2 and type 4 safety light curtains to safeguard machines and control access in hazardous areas. 

The safety light curtains come with basic and advanced functions, such as:

  • Integrated muting

  • Override

  • Blanking

  • Cascadable

  • Configurable models

Datalogic's SLIM Safety Light Curtains offer Finger and Hand protection in an extremely compact design.  The SLIM Safety Light Curtains are a cost-saving and space-saving solution.  Is the SLIM Safety Light Curtain the right solution for your application?  Reach out to elliTek's Engineering Team!

Datalogic's Safety Laser Scanners

Datalogic's Safety Laser Scanners detect the operator's presence in a static hazardous area.  They can also be used for protection in moving hazardous areas.

To protect the dangerous points of a machine, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), Robotic cell, Automated Mobile Robot (AMR), cranes or stackers, Datalogic's Laser Scanner has a Graphic User Interface allowing easy design and dynamic changes to safety and warning areas.

Datalogic's Laser Sentinel is ideal for static applications like robot cells and for safely monitoring access to dangerous machines.

  • Compact Design has all necessary safety functions

  • Easy programming using the Graphic User Interface

  • Up to 4 scanners can work together without an external controller

  • Speed monitoring and 70 switch zones

  • Monitor more than 72 square meters

  • The ONLY safety laster scanner with partial dynamic muting

Safely guard your collaborative robot (cobot) with Datalogic's Laser Sentinel Enhanced.  The SLS Enhanced series is different from the rest because it comes equipped with three independent sets of safety outputs.  One set of safety outputs can be tied to the cobots slow down condition, another set can be tied to the pause condition, and the third set of safety outputs can be tied to the e-stop condition.  If an associate steps in those specific zones that are tied to those conditions, the cobot responds accordingly.  elliTek's Engineering Team is well versed when it comes to collaborative robots and safety.  

Is a Safety Laser Scanner the right solution for your application?  Talk to an Engineer!

elliTek recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Rice with Datalogic for our podcast "Industrial Automation - It Doesn't Have To... Be Unsafe".  Check out the episode below or find our podcast on your favorite streaming app.

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