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Operations Professionals, Manufacturing Process Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, and IT Network Engineers:
Advance Your Career with local training!

elliTek University offers

fundamental courses for you to gain the knowledge and skills you need to build, manage, and operate your plant network.

Empowering Individuals Through Training

The goal of elliTek University is to empower individuals with real-world knowledge and skills needed to build, manage, and operate manufacturing plant networks. Our courses can help you get started or advance your career.


elliTek University offers Industrial IoT courses

Industrial IoT Courses

IIoT Courses

elliTek University's Industrial IoT courses provide Production Engineers a holistic analysis of the foundational topics and technologies in IIoT. Get hands-on experience of real-world, Industry 4.0 solutions from our expert instructors.

IIoTA 4-Day Course


All four (4) Days at a $200 DISCOUNT!

The IIoTA™ (Industrial Internet of Things Appliance) is revamping the manufacturing world. The IIoTA Lite version is a robust MES Gateway Appliance. It can be upgraded with features such as an onboard dashboard tool and an edge-based database server.

Day 1 - Beginner: General Networking

Day 2 - Intermediate, Level I: Moving Data

Day 3 - Intermediate, Level II: Workflow        Day 4 - Advanced: Database Server

Please Note: Each class is a pre-requisite to the first. You do not need to register for all four (4) classes, but if you do register for the entire IIoTA course, use the button below to receive your discount.


IIoTA Course Day 3


Day 3 - Intermediate Level II Class

To attend Day 3, you must attend the Intermediate Level I Class.

Day 3 delves into the Workflow Management tool (i.e. skip check).

In the lab portion of day 3, you will learn line traceability set up and utilization of the database tool.


IIoTA Course Day 1


Day 1 - Beginner's Class

Day 1 of the IIoTA course is the beginner class.


The focus on Day 1 is general networking, plus connecting the IIoTA™ to both a PLC (device) and a database server.


During the labs, you can get hands-on experience learning how to insert data into a data table.


IIoTA Course Day 4


Day 4 - Advanced Class

To attend Day 4, you must attend the Intermediate Level II Class.

Day 4 is a deep dive into the IIoTA™ onboard database server.


You will learn database design and administration.

If you plan to attend all four (4) IIoTA™ classes, you can receive a discount. Use the registration link for the entire course to get your discount.


IIoTA Course Day 2


Day 2 - Intermediate Level I Class

To attend Day 2, you must take the Beginner's Class or pass an entrance exam.

Day 2 begins with moving data from the enterprise-level DOWN to the PLC device by creating SELECTS and UPDATES on existing data.


You will also learn about LISTENERS for receiving data from external devices such as barcode scanners or vision systems.


Industria IoT courses

Industrial IoT


In elliTek University's Industrial IoT course, you will receive a comprehensive overview and introduction into the Industrial Internet of Things.


Learn the essential IIoT definitions, industrial applications, goals, risks, and challenges of IoT for factory.


This course provides a holistic overview of Industry 4.0 and is geared for production engineers looking to advance their career.


"Everything I did basically came from knowledge gained at elliTek."  ~Jacob Melton

Jacob interned at elliTek and graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2019. During Jacob's time at elliTek, he learned PLC and HMI programming, subpanel assembly and wiring, and the use of various sensors.

For Jacob's Senior Design Project at the Tickle College of Engineering Showcase, he and his team won a Prototype Excellence Award and best poster from the Nuclear Engineering Department. Watch the team's project in action, "Rapid Autonomous Pneumatic Transport System".


Industrial Automation Courses

Industrial Automation Courses

The Industrial Automation Courses offered by elliTek University are tailored to strengthen the knowledge and skills of workers entering the manufacturing industry, as well as the seasoned veteran with advanced courses.

Our courses focus on the student experience through a combination of hands-on problem-solving to understanding the key concepts of Process Automation and Control Systems.

Collaborative Robot



In our industrial robotics course, we utilize the latest automation technologies in industrial robots, robotic work cells, robotic vision, and collaborative robots (cobots). In addition to a comprehensive overview of industrial robotics, our instructor-led courses provide the theory, as well as a hands-on environment giving you the opportunity to efficiently navigate nearly any application you may face.


Human Machine Interface (HMIs)



Our HMI courses incorporate the latest technologies, best practices, and real-world examples for a well-rounded, solid foundation on HMI (Human Machine Interface), MMI (Man Machine Interfacing), and industrial networking. You can learn the skills needed for interfacing with PLCs, troubleshooting, and diagnostics that can be applied immediately.


Programmable Logic Controllers - PLCs



In our PLC course, you can grasp a firm understanding of PLCs (programmable logic controllers). Our PLC guru will teach how PLCs work, how they're made, the latest trends, terminology, and troubleshooting. If you're just beginning your industrial automation career or your an expert, you will come away with valuable knowledge that can be deployed right away.


Local Training in a unique environment

elliTek University is located in the heart of Halls Crossroads in Knox County, Tennessee. The state-of-the-art facility was once home to Regal Cinemas Corporate Headquarters. As such, the classroom is an auditorium-style layout. We have 24 PC workstations, plus a concession stand! Check out the photos below.

Local Training

Rental Opportunities!

The facilities at elliTek University can be rented for events and training. 

The training facility offers:​​

  • 2500 sq ft

  • Auditorium style layout

  • 24 PC workstations

  • Projector & Movie size screen

  • Concession Area

  • Meeting Space

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