elliTek and Ingersoll Rand have partnered together to provide manufacturers with a turn-key solution for collecting data from Ingersoll Rand's power tools.

Ingersoll Rand is hands-down the leader when it comes to industrial automation power tools. elliTek is the leader in data management. Together product workflow has never been easier.


Easier product workflow  = driving efficiencies = empowering individuals = Making an Impact!

Programmable Nutrunners with Data Collection

Ingersoll Rand offers a wide range of nutrunners. Each is designed with the operator in mind paying close attention to safety and comfort.


  • Coverage:  3 in-lb to 200 ft-lb

  • Automatic shut-off clutch

  • Cushion clutch

  • Stall tools for accuracy, speed, reliability

  • Broad torque coverage


elliTek's Data Management team is capable of collecting data from Ingersoll Rand's programmable nutrunners so that you are empowered to improve your processes and productivity of your workers.


Making an Impact!

Interested in learning more about collecting data from your Ingersoll Rand power tool?

elliTek's Data Management team knows how!

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