elliTek's background in controls and mechanical design along with our emphasis on quality, keeps our customers coming back. Our Machine & Equipment Group designs and builds custom automated industrial machines and equipment with the latest technologies resulting in Reduced Production Costs while Maximizing Performance and Increasing Profits.

Smart Equipment for Smart Factory. Today's smart factory is powering new possibilities for manufacturers' to hone their production and respond quickly to changing market demands.

Smart equipment and machines can connect your people, processes, and technology to improve your operations. Smart equipment and machines can provide extraordinary access to data, greater connectivity, and robust security. elliTek's Machine Group can position your facility for greater success with smart machines that optimize asset performance and maximize product quality.

Our team provides manufacturers innovative solutions that increase business responsiveness, boost productivity, and accomplish sustainability objectives all while lowering the total cost of ownership.

elliTek's Design & Engineering Solutions can help you:

  • Identify value beyond machine and equipment costs

  • Amplify performance

  • Respond swiftly to change

  • Boost profits

Increase your facilities profits with a fully optimized machine from elliTek

Our Machine Building Team can:

  • Design, build, & support single components

  • Design, build, & support entire systems

  • Or, offer specialized insights

We are with you at every stage of your machinery lifecycle from Design, Development, Delivery, and Support.


Our Machine Building Group will help you find the right balance between an off-the-shelf and a customized solution for your machine or equipment that meets your requirements and stays within budget. 


We develop solutions that simplify integration and optimize the design. We develop machinery for ease of start-up and commissioning that fit cleanly into existing infrastructure.


elliTek's Machine Group maximizes your uptime by delivering machines and equipment that are optimized for performance giving your manufacturing facility a competitive edge.


Once your equipment is installed, elliTek's Machine Group doesn't stop there. We provide unparalleled training, service, and support through the entire lifecycle of your automation equipment.


Design - elliTek's Machine Building Group helps you leverage your industrial machines & equipment.

We can help you reduce design labor times and cost to improve manufacturing efficiency. Our team of automation experts knows the right balance between designing standard machines and equipment for efficiency and customizing to meet specific needs and requirements. elliTek's industrial automation and control system designs are scalable building blocks used to save valuable time and resources. In addition, our designs are sustainable and flexible for multiple purposes.

elliTek's Machine Building Group can conduct a risk assessment during the design phase to help identify and mitigate hazards to help ensure compliance, improve safety, and avoid unnecessary redesign costs.

A high-speed, two-way gateway connection protects data integrity and isolates OT from IT networks.


Click Here to see where the Data Commander sits on the network.


The Data Commander can be leveraged to improve your production processes and equipment ROI.

Development - Our machinery is developed for easy start-up and commissioning.

Meeting your delivery is critical to us, so our development process includes off-the-shelf technologies, as well as customized solutions. elliTek's Machine Build Group can help you:

  • Maximize Machine Design by leveraging product selection and configuration tools

  • Provide flexible equipment modules by using scalable technology

  • Simplify integration by developing solutions for both control and information

With simplified integration and sustainable, flexible design, your machine or equipment from elliTek is easy to start-up and commissionable to fit cleanly into your existing infrastructure.


Delivery - elliTek delivers high quality, reliable machines that are optimized for performance.

elliTek's Machine Group strives to deliver smart machines and equipment that are fully optimized to increase your production uptime giving you a competitive edge. Reducing overall commissioning, including testing, installation, troubleshooting, and start-up time, is our goal.

Our automation experts can leverage your existing assets and integrate your new smart machine with your information systems easily. elliTek is at the forefront of the Industrial IoT movement, so we know how to connect your machines and devices to enterprise-level databases giving you an accurate view of your plant operations.


Securely simplify your Industrial Network Infrastructure.

Training & Support - You aren't in this alone!

Once your machinery is delivered, elliTek's Machine Group doesn't stop there. We will train you and your team on how to safely operate your machine.

As the lifecycle of your equipment changes, so does your need for technical support. elliTek will give you the flexibility to choose the level of electronic and phone support you need.

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