Motoman GP Series robot

Yaskawa Motoman robots have a reputation for innovative technology and exceptional quality which is why elliTek has partnered with Motoman to bring manufacturers reliable, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to take manufacturing processes to the next level.


Yaskawa Motoman has more than 150 industrial arm robots, delta, and SCARA robot models that help manufacturers increase efficiency, minimize waste, optimize productivity, and deliver excellent ROI. Motoman's industrial robot arms can handle payloads ranging from <2Kg to >100Kg and reaches of <1000 mm to >3000 mm. These robots are ideal for assembly, handling, packing, palletizing, painting, dispensing, welding, and cutting. In addition to their industrial robot arms, Motoman has a Smart Series of collaborative robots that are easy to implement and quick to adapt to a variety of applications.


elliTek not only sells Motoman robots, but our engineering group has put together pre-engineered robotic workcells designed to allow Motoman robots to operate at their full capacity and speed. When you purchase a Motoman robot or pre-engineered robotic workcell from elliTek, you can be confident knowing that you and your team will receive the highest quality training and unsurpassed customer service and support. For more information about elliTek's pre-engineered robotic workcells, click the button below.

Motoman Industrial Robots

Motoman GP-Series Robots
Motoman GP-Series Robots

Motoman's GP-Series are high-volume, high-speed, high-density robots.

Motoman Smart Pendant robot controller
Motoman Smart Pendant robot controller

Motoman's Smart Pendant is easy to use and understand. It eliminates the use of coordinate frames in that the robot adapts to the user's position.

Motoman GP8 pre-engineered workcell with guarding - ISO
Motoman GP8 pre-engineered workcell with guarding - ISO

elliTek's pre-engineered robotic workcells are a complete system that can be deployed quickly

Motoman GP-Series Robots
Motoman GP-Series Robots

Motoman's GP-Series are high-volume, high-speed, high-density robots.


Assembly and Handling Applications:

EP Series - Expert Press Handling Robots

GP Series - High-Performance, Flexible Use Robots

HC Series - Human-Collaborative Robots

HP Series - Highly Versatile and Accurate Robots

MotoMini Series - High-Speed, Ultra-Compact Robots

PH Series - Press Handling Robots

SDA Series - 15-Axis Dual-Arm Robots

MH Series - Versatile Handling Robots

SIA Series - 7-Axis, Actuator-Driven Robots

UP Series - High-Speed, Versatile Robots

Painting and Dispensing Applications:

EPX Series - Spray Robots for Paint and Industrial Coating

MPX Series - Industrial Paint Robots

Welding and Cutting Applications:

AR Series - Arc Welding Robots equipped with UWI

ES Series - Shelf-Mounted Handling and Spot Welding

MA Series - Arc Welding Robots

MC Series - Laser-Welding and Material-Cutting Robots

MS Series - Spot Welding Robots controlled with the DX200 controller

SP Series - Spot Welding Robots controlled by the YRC1000 controller

Packaging and Palletizing Applications:

MPK Series - Picking, Packing, and Palletizing Robots

MPL Series - 4 and 5-Axis Palletizing Robots

MPP Series - Delta Robots

MYS Series - SCARA Robots

Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots achieve high-speeds, high-payloads, have extended reach, and include an easy to move seven-axis, as well as a one-of-a-kind 15-axis dual-arm robot. Motoman industrial robots can be used for a variety of applications. These robots can be quickly deployed and are easy to use.

elliTek's engineers have designed pre-engineered robotic workcells using Motoman's GP8 that includes the robot, controller, teach pendant, and options for safety equipment. Customized robot systems are also available. In addition, elliTek is a full-service industrial robotics integrator. 

Here is a quick overview of Motoman's Industrial Robots and the applications in which they fit best.

To view Motoman's robots, click the button below. The choices can seem overwhelming especially if this is your first robot. Please visit our FAQ page. Our entire team is here to help. We want you to succeed. Give us a call at (865) 409-1555 or send us an email.

GP8 Robot

Motoman's GP-Series robots are developed for fast-paced assembly, packing, and general handling processes. Achieve faster cycle times, less downtime, and better use of space with the GP-Series.

Our engineers selected the GP8 model for our pre-engineered robotic workcell because of the flexibility of applications. The GP8 model is used in Assembly, Logistics, Material Handling, Material Removal, Machine Tending, Picking & Packing, Dispensing, and Part Transfer applications.

The GP8 is part of Motoman's Smart Series of industrial collaborative robots (cobots). The Smart Series cobots are intuitive and adaptable. These cobots can be deployed and redeployed for the next job fairly quickly.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Experts in Automation

elliTek's Integration Group has spent decades implementing, planning, coordinating, scheduling, testing, and improving manufacturing systems. When it comes to automation, our team has just about seen it all.

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