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elliTek University offers PLC training

elliTek University

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Courses

Gain an understanding of PLC programming and troubleshooting through hands-on, instructor-led training at elliTek University! 

Introduction to PLCs

Learn the basics of relay logic and how it relates to basic PLC programming fundamentals.

Explore the external control components and methods of troubleshooting those systems.

The Introductory course is not brand specific.

All classes at elliTek University are instructor-led.

The Introduction to PLCs course uses PLC simulators.

This is a single-day class.

A basic understanding of wiring tools and the capability of using them is a prerequisite for attending this class.

PLC courses offered by elliTek University


Good training, learned more than I expected as a beginner.

Great class!  Thanks for accommodating us. I think the team gained a lot.

Pacing was good, and the examples were clear.

Introduction to PLCs course offered by elliTek University

What You Will Learn

elliTek's Introduction to PLC course provides you with an understanding of the basic terms and components foundational to support an understanding of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and how they model real-world hardwired electrical circuits.

Section 1:  Basic Electricity

  • Industrial Control Devices

  • Mechanical Input Devices

  • Electrical Input Devices

  • Discrete vs. Analog Device Types

  • Mechanical Output Devices

  • Electrical Output Devices

  • Wiring Methods

Are you interested in this class? 

PLC Basics

PLC Basics is a continuation of the Introduction to PLCs course.

You should be familiar with the topics covered in the Introductory course in order to attend the PLC Basics course.

elliTek's PLC Basics course will be brand-specific.

PLC Basics course offered by elliTek University
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About Our Instructors

elliTek University classes are taught by engineers with vast experience and comprehensive knowledge of smart factory technology.

Our instructors have been in the trenches and know how to leverage automation to drive manufacturing efficiency. The best interest of our learners is always top-of-mind for our instructors and staff.

Empowering Individuals Through Training

The goal of elliTek University is to empower individuals with real-world knowledge and skills needed to build, manage, and operate manufacturing plant networks. Our courses can help you get started or advance your career.


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