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The Hanwha HCR-5 Robot Workcell is a six-axis collaborative robot. With a payload of 5kg and reach of 915mm, the HCR-5 cobot is ideal for working alongside associates to increase productivity on the manufacturing line.


Hanwha's HCR-5 is cleanroom rated.


The HCR-5 is ideal for almost every industry and application, specifically pick & place, welding, and inspection.


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Hanwha HCR-5 Pre-Engineered Robotic Workcell

  • Hanwha HCR-5 Robot Workcell

    • Cell Dimensions:  36"W x 36"D x 36"H
    • Controlled axes:  6
    • Payload:  5.0 kg
    • Reach:  915 mm
      • Joint Range J1:  ±360°
      • Joint RangeJ2:  ±360°
      • Joint RangeJ3:  ±165°
      • Joint RangeJ4:  ±360°
      • Joint RangeJ5:  ±360°
      • Joint RangeJ6:  ±360°
    • Joint Speed J1:  Max 178°/sec
    • Joint Speed J2:  Max 178°/sec
    • Joint Speed J3:  Max 178°/sec
    • Joint Speed J4:  Max 180°/sec
    • Joint Speed J5:  Max 180°/sec
    • Joint Speed J6:  Max 180°/sec
    • Linear Speed (Typical):  1m/s
    • Repeatability:  ±0.1 mm
    • IP Classification:  IP54
    • Material:  Aluminum (Link, Cover), Plastic (Seal, LED)
    • Footprint:  Ø150mm
    • Cable Length (Body-Controller):  6m (integrated)
    • Cleanroom Certification:  ISO Class 2 according to ISO 14644-1
    • Controller
    • Power Supply:  100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz (1kW)

    Included in Your Pre-Engineered Robotic Workcell:  Hanwha's HCR-5 collaborative robot, controller, pedestal, and teach pendant.

    Optional Items:  End of Arm Tooling

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