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The Motoman GP8 Six-Axis Robot Workcell is pre-engineered to allow the Motoman GP8 to improve productivity, quality, and efficiency. The Motoman GP8 is extremely efficient and offers the highest payload, fastest speed, and highest wrist allowable movement in its class.


The YRC1000 controller utilizes the standard, lightweight teach pendant.


The Motoman GP8 robot's compact design and speed make it ideal for applications such as Assembly, Machine Tending, Material Handling, Part Transfer, Pick & Place, and Pick & Pack.

Call for price, (865) 409-1555 or fill out the form here.

Motoman GP8 Pre-Engineered Robotic Workcell

  • Motoman GP8 Six-Axis Robot Workcell

    • Cell Dimensions:  30"W x 48"D x 72"H
    • Controlled axes:  6
    • Maximum Payload:  8.0 kg
    • Repeatability:  ±0.02 mm
    • Horizontal Reach:  727 mm
    • Vertical Reach:  1,312 mm
    • Internal user I/O cable:  17 conductors (+ ground)
    • Internal user air line:  (2) 1/4" connection
    • Controller:  YRC1000
    • Power Requirements:  Three-phase 380-480 VAC 50/60 Hz
    • Power Rating:  1 kVA

    Included in Your Pre-Engineered Robotic Workcell:  Motoman's GP8 Six-Axis Robot, YRC1000 Controller, Teach Pendant.


    Optional Items:  Guarding and End of Arm Tooling

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