elliTek is the leading distributor and integrator for Red Lion products in East Tennessee.

Why? Our Industrial IoT Team offers unsurpassed, real-world solutions, training, and support!

As global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, Red Lion has been delivering innovative, productivity-driven solutions to customers for nearly 50 years.


Together, elliTek and Red Lion can help you realize the power and efficiency resulting from a fully connected plant floor network -- just imagine what you can do! You're empowered to implement your ideas -- Making an Impact!



KPI Data / Andon Display Systems

Red Lion's ProducTVity Station provides a wonderfully simplistic means of display real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data and Andon message display on any large television or monitor.


Either through a direct connection to local PLCs, or interfacing with elliTek's Data Commander MES Gateway Appliance and certainly the IIoTA (Industrial Internet of Things Appliance), presenting key data at the point of production equates to increased efficiencies and production rates creating a lean manufacturing workstation.

Contact our Industrial IoT team to discuss how we can assist in adding Andon display systems to your factory floor!


Industrial Network Switches

Both N-Tron and Sixnet are names which are immediately known throughout the industrial ethernet industry, and both are owned by Red Lion.


Connectivity of any HMI, PTV, Data Commander, or IIoTA requires a solid and reliable infrastructure.


Whether fully managed or unmanaged, wired or cellular, Red Lion offers the very best in industrial ethernet switches.


Let us help you design your ideal plant floor network! Contact us today!


Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

From their CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs to the rugged Graphite platform, Red Lion HMIs make transforming your equipment into a fully connected solution a reality.


With communications support for over 300 devices, there aren't many devices on the factory floor that elliTek can' t connect to!


Either through a direct connection to local PLCs, or interfacing with elliTek's Data Commander MES Gateway Appliance or IIoTA edge-based server appliance, let us put our 20+ years of Red Lion experience to work to assist you in realizing the power and efficiency resulting from a fully connected machine!


We're your local lean manufacturing advisor! Contact us today!

Industrial Panel Meters


Re Lion has the widest range of time tested panel meters in the industry.


From their standard meters (PAX2, PAX, PAX Lite, C48) to their miniature meters (CUB5, CUB4, CUB7), elliTek's team can help you find the perfect solution to monitor your applications.


Let us know the input, display size, outputs, and communications. Or, talk to our team about Red Lion's Panel Meter Trade Up Program, info@elliTek.com or (865) 409-1555.



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