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The family-owned company SCHUNK is a world leader when it comes to equipping modern production lines and robot systems.

SCHUNK is the international technology leader in toolholding and workholding, gripping technology, and automation technology. SCHUNK is shaping the future with innovative technologies through its pioneering spirit and innovative strength.

elliTek is proud to partner with SCHUNK! They are well known for their gripping solutions, but SCHUNK does so much more.

Switching to e-mobility?

With SCHUNK's many years of engineering expertise in the automotive industry, they succeed in quickly and safely converting manufacturing and assembly processes to electromobility. From axis systems to robot accessories, SCHUNK and elliTek will always find an individually suitable solution for you.

Download SCHUNK's e-mobility flyer to learn more.

SCHUNK Life Science

SCHUNK is your Life-Science Partner with Application know-how. SCHUNK provides automated solutions for the medical, laboratory, and pharmaceutical industries.

SCHUNK's high-tech components meet the strict requirements for manufacturing quality and reliability. That's not all -- the specific life science portfolios are perfectly suited to products for any life science application.

Download SCHUNK's Life Science brochure for details.

SCHUNK Life Science automated solutions

Explore the exciting solutions that SCHUNK offers:  Gripping Technology, Automation Technology (Linear Actuators, Rotary Actuators, Linear Motors) Workholding & Toolholding, and Cobotics accessories.

elliTek's engineers have firsthand experience with SCHUNK's products and are here to help.

SCHUNK's Gripping Technology

With more than 12,500 grippers, SCHUNK is best known for its gripping solutions.


SCHUNK's gripping technology includes pneumatic grippers, electric grippers, magnetic grippers, adhesive grippers, and rotary gripping modules.

SCHUNK has the world's first certified industrial gripper for collaborative operations (co-act EGP-C), as well as the first compact electro-permanent magnetic gripper with integrated electronics (EMH), the most powerful pneumatic miniature parallel gripper on the market (MPG-plus), the most robust electric universal gripper on the market (EGU), and if that weren't enough the world's first pneumatic gripper with certified GripGuard technology (PGL-plus-P).

View the slideshow below to learn more. elliTek's engineers are here to help and can guide you to the most suitable gripper for your application


SCHUNK's Automation Technology

SCHUNK offers the world's most comprehensive product portfolio for technical solutions for the automated handling of workpieces.  


Every application has its own requirements - from small parts assembly in the production of electronics to the loading and unloading of machine tools to the handling of food products, pharmaceuticals, or medical devices.

Whether you need pick & place units, linear modules, or multi-axis systems, you're in the right spot. elliTek's engineers have firsthand experience with SCHUNK's products and are here to help.

SCHUNK has nearly 4,000 products in its Automation Technology portfolio. Explore the gallery for highlights. elliTek prides itself in its customer service. Put us to the test -- request details for any of SCHUNK's products!

SCHUNK's Tool Clamping Technology

The tool clamping technology leader, SCHUNK, offers a complete range of tool clamping technology for all applications.

When it comes to tool clamping, SCHUNK's got it. With more than 2,900 toolholders and variants, we will find the ideal tool-holding system to meet your particular application.


SCHUNK's tool clamping technology ranges from mechanical toolholders, heat shrinking mountings via low-vibration precision toolholders, SCHUNK TRIBOS polygonal clamping technology, and SCHUNK TENDO hydraulic expansion technology to the ultimate for Industry 4.0 applications – the first intelligent toolholder iTENDO.

SCHUNK has the most extensive toolholder technology range made in Germany.  

  • Comprehensive product portfolio ranging from micro and finest machining to heavy duty and large volume cutting

  • For milling, reaming, drilling, and thread-cutting

  • Low vibration for perfect surfaces

The focus is always on your particular application.

SCHUNK's Workpiece Clamping Technology

From standard to high-tech solutions, SCHUNK has had the best workholding solutions for more than 50 years.

Using the best clamping technology available for your tools and workpieces is the key to ensuring the safety, efficiency, and high precision of your processes in chip removal machining.

SCHUNK develops, manufactures, and optimizes powerful, economical products and solutions for the machine and machine room that are tailored to the individual needs of each customer and application.


The standard of SCHUNK's work raises the bar for such products and sets new benchmarks in the ongoing development of clamping technology - and has been doing so for more than 50 years.

Watch this short video demonstrating SCHUNK's workholding technology.

Explore SCHUNK's workpiece clamping technology in the gallery below. For more details, please reach out to elliTek. Our Engineering and Sales teams are here to assist you when needed.