Customers choose elliTek because of our focus on the user experience. How will our customers benefit? Will the systems integration project make life better for them?

A systems integration company brings subsystems together and ensures the subsystems properly work together as a whole. Our custom machine building, mechanical capabilities, and industrial IoT experience are the complete package for solving automation problems. 

Our team knows the mechanics of smart factory technology and how to connect dissimilar systems by using IoT to drive manufacturing efficiency.

Learn more about what sets elliTek apart from our strategy, views on ownership, optimization, and a couple of use cases.

elliTek's Integration Services Include:

  • Industrial IoT Solutions

  • Machine & Motion Control Programming

  • Andon Systems

  • Vision Inspection Systems

  • Robotic Work Cells

  • Robot Vision

  • Data Management

  • Linear Motion

How can we help You Make an IMPACT?

Our company is one that prides itself on being more than a "solutions provider." elliTek is committed to making a positive Impact on our clients and the lives within their organizations. Our strategy with every project starts with the individual. How can we help empower YOU? What IIoT solution will drive efficiency in your environment? Whether it's an off-the-shelf or customized solution, the best interest of the end user is always top-of-mind.


At elliTek, we want to be your partner and that requires an investment -- shared ownership. Our team offers genuine recommendations that are in your best interest even if those recommendations might not directly benefit us. Our focus is on the Impact. Will the recommendation have the best, positive Impact thereby empowering you through knowledge, training, and support. 


elliTek's goal of empowering our clients not only helps them make an Impact, but Impacts those around them, which Impacts those around them, and so on. By helping even one person increase efficiency on their manufacturing line, that increased efficiency results in more production. More production leads to more jobs which in turn betters the community -- the ultimate optimization!

elliTek and Making an Impact Use Cases

Use Cases

So how do we pierce through the sales-type fodder of company mission statements, sales pitches, and marketing about solutions providers and partners?

For elliTek, it all goes back to making an Impact. Here are a couple of Use Cases.