elliTek and Turck have partnered to provide East Tennessee manufacturers the most competent approach to factory and process automation obstacles -- Making an Impact!

Turck specializes in sensor, connectivity, fieldbus, and RFID systems. For durability, functionality, and performance, Turck has it all.


elliTek has expertise in providing solutions allowing dissimilar control platforms to talk to each other through the sharing of data. Combined, you have the recipe for efficiency!


Below are a couple of Turck products selected by our team. What Turck products do you want to learn more about?

Turck's RFID System BL ident®

Monitor Changeover Processes


Turck's RFID System BL ident® checks the correct format change.


  • Prevent downtime

  • Prevent damage to packaging machines

  • Operating hours counter for proactive maintenance

  • Miniature data carriers flush mountable in metal


Turck's RFID System BL ident® correctly identifies each individual component on the packing line.​

Interested in learning more about collecting data from your Turck product?

elliTek's Data Management team knows how!

Field Logic Controller

Field Logic Controllers (FLC)


Using Field Logic Controllers (FLCs), Turck's multiprotocol block I/O products can act as simple I/O devices or as standalone logic controllers.


ARGEE (A Really Great Engineering Environment) is a web-based programming environment that allows users to set conditions and actions directly at the field level by utilizing HTML5.


ARGEE programming isn't designed to replace a PLC. It can be used to allow FLC devices to do the following:


  • Be used without a PLC in standalone applications

  • Perform arithmetic functions, use timers, counters, and toggle bits

  • Share data with a PLC via assigned I/O variables


Learn more by downloading Turck's FLC brochure or contact an elliTek team member, (865) 409-1555.

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