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EBS Series Electric Actuators

CKD's EBS-M/G Series slider electric actuators for high speed transport

EBS Series Electric Actuators

Achieve smaller equipment footprint with CKD USA's EBS-M/G Series electric actuators. CKD designed these actuators with a compact body. An outer rail is used for the guide which supports the load. The wide guide is integrated with the body to keep the system compact yet offer high rigidity. There is no need for an additional guide.

As with all CKD products, they pay attention to the details when researching and designing their products. The EBS-M/G Series is equipped with a grease lubrication port on both sides for easy maintenance. Both the guide and ball screw can be maintained simply by lubricating from a single location, without disassembling the body.

Another detail CKD USA did not overlook is their one controller system for every actuator model and size. An automatic recognition function reads the actuator information reducing installation time. One controller also saves money on spare parts and inventory. In addition, CKD's controller is compatible with all types of industrial networks.

The ECR controller is compatible with five CKD electric actuator models and the ECG controller is compatible with two models.

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