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LinMot for linear motion technology

elliTek has partnered with LinMot to provide East Tennessee manufacturers greater flexibility with shorter product cycles using LinMot's innovative drive technology.

LinMot is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial linear motors. Their highly automated production facilities ensure only exceptional products are manufactured. All LinMot linear motors go through a 24-hour burn-in before delivery. Due to the standardization of their products, more than 1000 different drive and motor combinations are in stock. 


LinMot's high-quality linear drive components and elliTek's real-world Industrial IoT packaged solutions deliver greater flexibility, increased productivity, expanded functionality, and rugged durability to thoroughly optimize your manufacturing processes. From automotive to wood processing and nearly every manufacturing industry in-between, we have the engineered solutions that can MAKE AN IMPACT!​​

LinMot Linear Motors

Linear Motors

Linear systems offer users low friction and high flexibility. LinMot's drive system is comprised of the control electronics, the servo drive, and the linear motors.

LinMot motors are electromagnetic direct drives in the shape of a tube. The linear motion is made electrically and wear-free, without any intermediate coupling of mechanical gearboxes, spindles, or belts.


Just two parts make a LinMot linear motor - the slider and the stator.


The slider is made of neodymium magnets that are mounted in a high-precision stainless steel tube.


The stator contains the motor windings, bearings for the slider, position capture sensors, and a microprocessor circuit for monitoring the motor.

LinMot Linear Motor diagram

Achieve short positioning times and high cycle rates with speeds up to 7.3 m/s and accelerations of more than 780 m/s2.

The internal position sensor measures and monitors the current position of the linear motor when it's stopped, as well as during the motion. Any position deviations are immediately detected and reported to the upper-level controller.

LinMot's linear motors can be positioned freely within the entire range of the stroke. Users can precisely control the travel speed and acceleration. Complex motions can be controlled by arbitrary travel profiles which can be saved as curves in the servo drive and accomplished by the motor at the requested speed.

LinMot's Standard Motors include three models with a variety of lengths of the stator and the stroke. The standard motors deliver:

  • Highly dynamic drives

  • Wide range of stroke lengths

  • Cable outlet or pivoting angled plug

  • Air cooling option

  • Wide range of applications

LinMot's High-Performance line of linear motors offer greater performance than the standard motors with the same component size and same dimensions. The HP family provides:

  • Strong magnetic circuit

  • Increased continuous force and acceleration

  • Higher operating temperatures

  • Air cooling option

LinMot's Short Motors are designed for applications with limited space. The short form factor offers:

  • A minimum stator length of 90 mm

  • Integrated mounted flange

  • Plug-in motor cable with cover

  • Selectable cable outlet position

Motors with an integrated guide are LinMot's type P04 and have all the advantages of tubular linear motors with the addition of an integrated guide. 

  • Peak force up to 572 N

  • Stroke up to 150 mm

  • Hardened rod capable to handle side load

  • Mounting connection according to ISO pneumatic cylinder

  • Stator encapsulated (IP65)

  • Perfect for use in severe conditions

Linear Motors 3x400VAC are the linear motors of the P10 series. 

The P10-54 family offers:

  • 230VAC and 3 x 400VAC technology

  • Peak forces up to 335 N

  • LinMot Encoder or Incremental Encoder

  • Exceptionally highly dynamic

  • Rotating push-pull TWIN connector for power and encoder cables

  • Can also be controlled by standard third-party servo drives

The P10-70 series are the most powerful LinMot motors delivering:

  • 3 x 400VAC technology

  • Peak forces up to 561 N

  • Extremely highly dynamic

  • Separate connector for sensor and power cable

  • Can be controlled by standard third-party servo drives

ATEX Motors

ATEX Motors

LinMot ATEX is a variant of the linear motors and was created for the harshest conditions were special electric drives are a necessity. The ATEX motors are designed to operate in an explosive environment. The compact design is constructed so that there is no surface where explosive material can accumulate. 

The ATEX motor family consists of two sizes with a wide range of slider lengths. The traversing ranges up to a stroke of 980 mm.

LinMot ATEX motors are ideal for use in printing machines, plastic processing machines or in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

LinMot ATEX family of motors features:

  • Stainless steel housing

  • Hygienic design

  • Welded connections, no gaskets

  • Completely encapsulated (IP69K)

  • Integrated water cooling option

  • Use in the zones 1/2 (gas)

  • Suitable for use in zones 21/22 (dust)

LinMot ATEX Motors
Stainless Steel Motors

Stainless Steel Motors

LinMot developed their Stainless Steel Motors for a demanding setting where the focus is on hygiene. These motors can be used in machines and systems for processing food products or pharmaceuticals. These sleek motors can handle extremely rough or corrosive environments and can be easily cleaned.​


LinMot's stainless steel motors
Ideal for machines and systems in food processing and pharmaceuticals.

LinMot's stainless steel motors are available in three sizes and a maximum stroke of 980 mm.

Other features include:

  • Stainless steel housing

  • Hygienic design

  • Welded connections, no gaskets

  • Completely encapsulated (IP69K)

  • Integrated water cooling option

Linear Motors with integrated Drive
Linear Motors with integrated Drive

LinMot's innovative PD03 drive unit is comprised of a compact linear motor and an integrated drive. The controller cabinet is no longer a necessity, thereby reducing the installation time and effort. Additionally, several devices can efficiently be coupled to form a daisy chain.

A series 37Sx120F-HP linear motor is inside the PD03. A peak force 255 N and a peak speed of 3.8 m/s can be produced. The stroke range is up to 1480 mm with the high-resolution slider program. The PD03, as well as all LinMot motors, can be positioned freely, has high process stability, long service life, and no wear components.


The drive supplies the motor with a high phase current of up to 25 A and has an industrial Ethernet interface. EtherCAT, ProfiNet, Ethernet IP, Sercos III, and Powerlink are available. Device profiles CoE, CiA402, SoE, and PROFIdrive are also supported. The RS232 configuration interface and the DIP switch are installed behind a protective cover, which guarantees that leak-tightness requirements are met. The complete motor with integrated drive meets protection class IP 65 to prevent dust and water spray infiltration.


LinMot's linear motors with integrated driv
Linear Rotary Motors
Linear Rotary Motors

LinMot's Series PR01 linear-rotary motors can be used to carry out any combination of linear and rotary motions. The compact design contains an electromagnetic linear drive and a rotary direct drive. A servo drive controls each; this means that the upper-level controller can be programmed to be synchronous or independent of each other. The variety of sizes can generate a peak torque range from 1.5 to 8.9 Nm. Stroke lengths up to 300 mm ensure flexibility. The product family includes options with gearboxes, hollow shafts, and stainless steel components in addition to the standard version.

  • Linear and rotary direct drive

  • Programmable press forces and torques

  • With gearbox reduction or hollow shaft

  • Synchronous linear and rotary motions

  • Stainless steel versions available

  • Simple completion of closure and screwdriving systems

Reduce downtime with LinMot's motor technology.

The multi-axis closure systems allow uncomplicated product changes. Users receive all critical parameter feedback on a continuous basis, so the amount of downtime due to faults is greatly reduced.

LinMot's linear rotary motors
LinMot's innovative design element
Standard linear-rotary motor
Gearbox version
Hollow shaft version
INOX linear-rotary motor variant
PR02 Linear Rotary Motors
PR02 Linear Rotary Motors

LinMot's new PR02 linear-rotary series features a slim redesign, short length, and easy-to-clean surfaces. The new PR02 series is ideal for sensitive and demanding assembly tasks since no external measuring technology is needed.

The innovative PR02 has all the necessary data packages for networked production. The drive parameters and optional additional sensors provide detailed information to ensure traceability of every single product in the entire production chain.

Interested in learning more about collecting data from your PR02 Linear Rotary Motor?

elliTek's Systems Group knows how!

LinMot's PR02 linear rotary motor
  • New design with shorter installation length

  • Torque measuring shaft option for high-precision torque control and process data logging

  • Optional force sensor for sensitive closing processes

  • Optional integrated MagSpring for load compensation

  • Independent linear and rotary movements

  • Extensive stroke spectrum


LinMot's MagSpring (magnetic spring) products aren't your ordinary mechanical spring products in that constant force is applied over the entire working range for MagSpring. For balancing weight forces in vertical drive arrangements, MagSpring is the preferred choice since MagSpring generates a force independent of displacement.

MagSpring products are designed with two main components. The stator surrounds the centrally located slider. Permanent magnets are located in the stator, in the slider, or in both depending on the force rating of the MagSpring. The slider is supported by an integrated sliding bearing in order for MagSprings to be used similarly to gas pressure springs.

LinMot's MagSpring products
  • Constant force over the entire stroke

  • No electrical power or compressed air is needed

  • Forces up to 60 N

  • Strokes up to 350 mm

  • Fail-safe functionality and weight compensation

  • Can also be combined with H-guide

  • Suitable for dynamic motions

  • Clean design

Servo Drives
Servo Drives

LinMot servo drives easily integrate with any controller due to the wide range of fieldbus interfaces and protocols. Connection to an upper-level controller can be made via analog, digital, or serial interfaces, fieldbuses, or Ethernet.

elliTek's Systems Group knows how to connect disparate platforms.

Talk to a team member to learn more.

LinMot's Servo Drives
  • A broad range of applications, from point-to-point to complex multi-axis applications

  • Serial communication, fieldbuses, and Ethernet

  • Run internally saved motion profiles or program sequences

  • Control speed, acceleration, position, and force

  • Integrated safety functions for cutting off the output stage

  • Compact design and simple commissioning

Linear Guides
Linear Guides

Linear guides manufactured by LinMot are compact guide units for linear motion. The guides are used to direct the load, to support external forces, torques, and bending motions, and also used as anti-rotation devices. The high-precision guidance allows for dynamic and precise positioning of the load.

LinMot has two basic types of guides: the H-Guide and the B-Guide.

LinMot's H-Guide linear guide

LinMot's H01 and H10 series guides have integrated ball bushings or sleeve bearings for LinMot's series P01 and P10 linear motors.

  • External forces, torques, and bending motions are supported

  • Supports anti-rotation

  • Can be used with pneumatic guides

  • Integrated linear ball bearings or sintered sleeve bearing

  • The load can be mounted directly to the front plate

LinMot's B-Guide linear guide

LinMot's bridge guides from the B01 series have integrated ball bushings or sleeve bearings for use with LinMot's P01 linear motors. 

  • Endplate increases the rigidity

  • Use with undersized sliders

  • Supports External forces, torques, and bending motions

  • Supports anti-rotation

  • Can be used with pneumatic guides

  • The load can be mounted directly to the front plate

LinMot also offers stainless steel guides of the H01 series, SSC-Guide, for operating LinMot motors of the P01-37-SSC and P01-48-SSC series together with high clearance sliders. The bearing material is certified to FDA standards and is specially designed for use in food products and medical applications.


LinMot matches their accessories to their linear motors so users can easily deploy a variety of tasks. 

LinMot accessories include:

Motor cables • Connection cables and converters  • External position sensors • Control boxes • Power supplies • Transformer supplies

Mounting flanges • Slider mountings • Brakes

Not sure which LinMot linear motor or accessory will fit your application?

Let our expert design team help!

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