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Boost Your Overall Flow and Efficiency with Industrial Robots, Collaborative Robots, or a Turnkey Robotic Work Cell.

Adding automated robotic systems to a factory is an investment that has a quick ROI (return on investment). An automated robotic system saves money, increases production, and creates higher-quality parts.

elliTek has more than 20 years of experience in industrial automation selling robots, robotic work cells, integrating complete robotic systems, supplying robot parts, training, and customer support. The combination of elliTek's integration expertise and the manufacturers' resources creates masterful automation solutions that Make An Impact!

What automation challenges are you facing? It doesn't matter where you are in your automation journey, elliTek will meet you there.

Meet Our Robotics Partners

elliTek is FANUC's Authorized System Integrator for East Tennessee
elliTek is an Authorized Distributor for Hanwha Robotics
elliTek Distributes Yaskawa Motoman robots

And Our Robotic Ecosystem Partners

elliTek distributes CKD end of arm tooling
elliTek distributes Pizzato industrial control and safety products
RoboDK logo
elliTek is an Authorized Distributor for Siemens
SCHUNK official partner logo
elliTek distributes Sensopart products
elliTek is an Authorized Distributor for Smartshift Robotics

Industrial Robots can improve your profits!

Decrease Waste - Industrial robots are precise and consistent. Valuable materials are used to their fullest extent and higher quality products are produced with an industrial robot on the production line.

Quick Return on Investment (ROI) - Industrial robots are a big investment that can pay off quickly due to their efficiency. Industrial robots do not require breaks or leave time, so they work continuously and help diminish overhead.

Effective Spatial Planning - Industrial robots can fit into limited spaces and can be installed on rails, shelves, ceilings, walls, or pedestals. Collaborative robots (cobots) further optimize space by eliminating extra fencing.

Pre-engineered robotic workcells

Enhanced Throughput - Cycle time for parts is reduced since Industrial Robots perform precise applications and movements at higher speeds and lift heavier products.

Improve Safety - Industrial robots can take over redundant and hazardous tasks reducing the associate's exposure to fumes, sparks, arc glare, or dust particles.

Turnkey Robotic Workcells

A robot cell is a complete, turnkey system that includes the robot, controller, teach pendant, table, and optional peripherals such as part positioner and safety equipment. elliTek's Pre-Engineered robotic work cells are designed to allow robots to operate at their full capacity and speed.

The best workcell for your process is determined by the type of application, the size requirements, and the overall operation flow. It is essential to identify which steps in your process are the most beneficial to automate. elliTek's pre-engineered, turnkey robotic work cells are ready for quick installation. Our Automation Experts can create customizable workcells designed to your specific dimensions, configurations, applications, or part manipulation needs. 

Having a set robot brand does not mean you have to use their workcell options. elliTek has created its own line of workcells to cater to FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, and Hanwha robots.

Robotic Workcells
Robot Integration

Integration is the process of unifying an industrial robot, peripherals, and manufacturing machinery into a production system that functions as a single unit. Robot integration allows industrial robots to perform specific manufacturing tasks and can lead to lower costs, improved product quality, and shorten production time.

As a robotic systems integrator, elliTek is able to:

  • Perform a feasibility study on your project

  • Identify the correct robot, tooling, and work cell for your application needs

  • Provide cost-savings tips

  • Provide training on programming your robot system and work cell

  • Help incorporate your robotic system into your factory setting

elliTek's Integration Team provides you with the complete package and guides you towards industrial automation. Each elliTek system includes a warranty covering parts and labor.

Let's work together on your next robotics project.

Robot Integration
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