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Your turnkey robotic system from elliTek includes the robot, controller, teach pendant, table, and optional peripherals such as end-of-arm tooling (EOAT), safety components, and programming to match a specific part or application. A custom robotic work cell is designed to fit individual requirements and specifications.


elliTek's Automation Team is capable of both off-the-shelf and customized robotic solutions.

Industrial Robotic System from elliTek improves product quality

An industrial robotic system from elliTek is a complete package that improves product quality, reduces labor and production costs, and decreases waste.

elliTek is a full-service industrial robotics integrator. We specialize in providing pre-engineered turnkey solutions, as well as building customized robotic systems for specific applications.


Here are some details about elliTek's Robotic Systems:


Pre-engineered and customized robot systems available.


Fully integrated and customized systems that fit the product and application process.


Each robot system is tested for repeatability and functionality.


Our robot systems can be equipped with safety options such as fencing, arc glare shields and dividers, light curtains and area scanners, and emergency stops.

elliTek's end of arm tooling (EOAT) Technicians are experts in helping you select and design the best robot gripper for your application.


elliTek's industrial robotic systems are high-quality and affordable. They include full warranties covering parts and service, functionality demonstration, training, superior customer service, and support for your robot.

Our conscience Automation Experts will ensure your investment will pay off quickly.

To learn more, contact our Team at (865) 409-1555 or fill out the form located here.

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