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CKD is focused on quality and sustainability. It's no wonder their automation products are ideal for operational efficiency.

CKD is a pioneer of automation technology and products that support a wide variety of industrial fields.  CKD's emphasis on safety, quality, and sustainability efforts drives their manufacturing processes by developing original, earth-friendly products with their automation and flow control technologies.

elliTek's integration background and firsthand experience with CKD products create a unique partnership designed to empower our customers as they work to implement their ideas for driving efficiency in their environments.

Explore CKD's Solutions

With such an extensive product line, your choices may seem overwhelming. elliTek's engineers are here to help.

What do elliTek's engineers like about CKD's products? Check out this episode of elliTek's podcast "Industrial Automation - It Doesn't Have To..."


CKD's Electric Solutions

Electric actuators are much different from pneumatic actuators.  Deciding which actuator is best for your application depends on the power and speed you need.  Pneumatic actuators are more powerful and faster than electric linear actuators.  They can also be less expensive in the short term which makes them a popular choice. 


On the other hand, pneumatic actuators rely on rudimentary devices like rubber cushions or shock absorbers, pressure regulators, and flow-restricting fittings at the port to control their motion.  In addition, pneumatic actuators are powered by compressed air which can be wasteful and drive up energy costs.  Listen to elliTek's podcast "Industrial Automation - It Doesn't Have To... Be Wasteful" to learn more about what we call Anti-Air.

Electric actuators have a lot going for them.  They use electricity to create and power motion.  Most electric actuators have a ball or screw connected by a coupler to a power source.  To create power, these actuators can use servo or stepper motors.  Servos are more precise and can take faster speeds; however, this does come with a higher price tag.  Steppers are less expensive and still quite accurate at lower speeds.  Electric actuators are commonly used in precise, delicate applications since they are easy to control. 

An electric actuator is easy to add to existing systems.  They require fewer components and have lower operating costs.

CKD's EBR Series electric actuators have built-in outer rail type guides that reduce the need for additional guides. Its compact and highly rigid design saves space. Additionally, an absolute encoder without batteries can be installed in order to retain position information even during an emergency stop and origin return isn't required. 

CKD's electric actuator line includes the following:

  • Slider - EBS-M/G Series

  • Rod with built-in Guide - EBR-M/G Series

  • Controller - ECR Series

  • Controller - ECG Series

CKD's EBS Series slider-type electric actuators are compact with high rigidity and designed with an outer rail-type guide. When a battery-free absolute encoder is installed, the position information is retained even after an emergency stop, and the need for origin return is eliminated.

In addition, CKD designed the EBS series for uncomplicated, easy maintenance thereby extending the life of the actuator if maintained on a regular basis. Batch lubrication is performed through the greasing port on the side of the main unit. The main unit can be installed from either the top or bottom for easier maintenance.

CKD's Rotary-Type electric actuators are ideal for Assembly, Handling, and Inspection applications. A variety of operations such as multipoint positioning of the table and reverse operation of the held workpiece are possible.

The features that set CKD apart from the rest include:

  • Reducing Adjustment Time of Equipment

  • Simple Layout Concept

  • Space Saving of Equipment

The FGRC model is just one of many. View the digital catalog to see the extensive line of CKD's rotary-type electric actuators.

The actuator you choose depends on the speed and power you need, as well as what you'll be using the actuator for.  elliTek's engineers have the expertise and knowledge to help you choose the right actuator for your application. 

Talk to an engineer.


CKD's Direct Drives

Direct Drive motors whether linear or rotary do not use gears, pulleys, belts, or other transmission components to drive a load or rotor. The load or rotor is connected directly to the motor. Because the mechanical components in Direct Drive motors are eliminated, the number of moving parts in the system is greatly reduced.

A common misperception is Direct Drives are expensive when compared to traditional motors. In a simple comparison that may be the case. However, the mechanical simplification of Direct Drives with the elimination of intermediate gears, couplings, and maintenance, exemplifies that Direct Drives can be the most cost-effective and high-performing solution for many applications.


The term "Direct Drive" is typically used when referring to brushless, permanent-magnet, synchronous motors that transfer their torque direct to the load or rotor.

Direct Drive motors require more energy to pick up speed which can be viewed as a disadvantage. Once they get going though, they can reach higher maximum speeds because they build and maintain that speed.

Other advantages of Direct Drive motors include increased accuracy due to precise control of position and speed, reliability, no backlash or wear, compact designs, low maintenance, and increased efficiency.

Direct Drive Motors offer increased accuracy, high speeds, low maintenance, increased efficiency, and reliability.

All CKD actuators are absolute types.

CKD's ABSODEX Direct Drive motors offer reliable motion control for a wide range of torque loads. The quick, high-accuracy positioning is easily operated by a compact driver and user-friendly software that's compatible with almost any PLC network.

CKD's ABSODEX Direct Drive motors can be used for any application.

  • AX1000T Series:  High Accuracy. Ideal for Assembly & Inspection.

  • AX2000T Series:  High-Speed operations.

  • AX4000T Series:  Allowable load inertia and Variation. Excellent for Assembly, Conveyors, and Index tables.

  • AX6000M Series:  Compact. Perfect for miniaturizing equipment.

  • AX7000X Series:  High Precision. Suitable for precision alignment and positioning.

CKD offers a robust line of high-performing Direct Drive motors with the industry's highest resolution encoder and a wide range of torque loads.  Which direct drive is best for your application? Ask an engineer!

CKD's Pneumatic Solutions


Pneumatic systems are typically powered by compressed air. Although elliTek devoted a podcast to Anti-Air, there are advantages of pneumatics.  Safety hazards are significantly reduced since pneumatic systems run on air.  The initial cost of a pneumatic system is lower because pneumatic devices are made from relatively affordable materials.  Compared to hydraulics, pneumatic systems are cleaner since the system is powered by air. Even though the system requires oil to work properly, maintenance is reduced as a result of less plumbing than hydraulic systems. 

Fieldbus Manifolds

CKD's PLC Compatible Manifolds offer the power of decentralized communication with flexibility in control design. CKD's latest innovations in Fieldbus technology not only give you flexibility and control, but also considerable savings in labor.  The wide range of open Fieldbus protocols that CKD supports includes EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, CC-Link, and DeviceNet.

CKD's Fieldbus Manifolds are:

  • Excellent for Preventive Maintenance.

  • Provide a variety of IP address settings.

  • Offer a wide range of connection types.

CKD's PLC compatible block manifold consists of the MN3E series and MN4E series. These manifolds are high-performing and compact with a height of 39.5 mm.

Industries suitable for CKD's MN3E and MN4E include semiconductor manufacturing process (pre-process), components for chemical liquid supply facilities, components for chemical gas supply facilities, and N2 purging-related products.

Which Fieldbus manifold is best for your application? Talk to one of elliTek's engineers.

CKD's PLC-Compatible Block Manifold

CKD's PLC-Compatible Block Manifold

CKD has two Fieldbus manifolds models: MN3E (3-port valve) and MN4E (4-port valve).

Communication Support

Communication Support

The wide range of open Fieldbus protocols that CKD supports includes EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, CC-Link, and DeviceNet.

Space Saving

Space Saving

CKD's MN3/4E00 Series are extremely thin at 7mm. The MN3/4E 0 Series is just 10mm and provides exceptional responsiveness.

CKD's Conservation Efforts

CKD's Conservation Efforts

CKD was a pioneer in reducing chemical substances affecting the environment. Option E (the energy saving type) reduces power consumption even further.

Variety of Fitting Variations and electrical connections

Variety of Fitting Variations and electrical connections

CKD offers inch-size compatible with push-in fitting. Serial transmission to various connectors and networks is available.

Safety Features

Safety Features

As a standard, CKD's MN3/4E Fieldbus manifolds have exhaust check valves, manual covers to prevent misoperation, and air supply filters to prevent foreign material from entering.

Pneumatic Cylinders

CKD's Pneumatic Cylinders are an easy and economical way to automate and are suitable for a wide range of industries.  To further their environmental initiatives, CKD incorporates "air pressure technology" to save energy.  As a pioneer of pneumatic technology, CKD is continuously developing new products that meet the market's needs. 


As an Engineering Elite Distributor, elliTek provides a level of service and support that empowers our customers.  While you're researching your pneumatic cylinder options, keep in mind that elliTek's engineers are here to assist!

"CKD has exceptional products. We have CKD products that have been running for 20+ years!"

~Senior Maintenance Engineer

Pneumatic Chucks

A chuck is a specialized clamp that holds an object in a specific position.  In a drill or mill, the chuck holds the rotating tool.  In a lathe, the chuck holds the rotating part.  Many chucks have jaws that hold the part or tool when tightened. 


A three-way jaw-bearing chuck is also called a universal chuck because it holds round and hexagonal parts for quick and fairly accurate centering.  Three-jaw chucks are typically used on indexing heads and lathe machines.  The jaws in a three-way chuck are interconnected by a scroll gear and they move at the same time, self-centering.

On four-way chucks, the jaws move independently and an operators assistance is needed to center the workpiece.

CKD 3-way jaw bearing chuck model CKG

CKD's 3-Way Jaw Bearing Chuck, Model CKG offers:

  • High precision with smooth operation due to a cross roller guide on the slide part.

  • Resistance to dust and debris.

  • Open / Close proximity switches. 

Which chuck is best for your operation?

Collaborative Robot Grippers

End of arm tooling (EoAT) is an essential part of any robotic system.  It's the piece that is normally attached to the end of a robotic arm and acts as the robot's "wrist."  EoAT is what allows the robot to perform specific tasks.  Learn more about EoAT.

CKD's pneumatic grippers for collaborative robots (cobots) are super-easy to install and replace without tools.  The grippers highlighted in this section are customized for Universal Robots' cobots.  CKD's UR-certified pneumatic grippers include UR-certified software that minimizes teaching time.  For increased safety, these grippers are equipped with an edgeless resin cover and LED indicator light that is viewable from all angles.  These grippers are ideal for Assembly, Handling, and Inspection Applications.

CKD has customized grippers for FANUC and Omron's cobots as well.  If you're interested in learning about CKD's other grippers, let us know!

Universal Robots Certified Gripper 3-Way Finger Type

Universal Robots Certified Gripper 3-Way Finger Type

CKD's UR certified pneumatic 3-way finger type gripper is perfect for cylindrical and round workpieces. Model RCKL-UR has a stroke of 10mm, gripping force of 125N, and weighs only 1.1kg.

Universal Robot Certified Gripper Long Stroke Type

Universal Robot Certified Gripper Long Stroke Type

CKD's UR certified gripper model RHLF-UR is long stroke with reduced height. It has a stroke of 32mm, a gripping force of 85 N, and weighs in at 1.0kg.

Universal Robots Certified Gripper Compact Type

Universal Robots Certified Gripper Compact Type

Model RLSH-UR is a compact type pneumatic gripper that doesn't interfere with the robot's movements. This UR certified gripper has a stroke of 18mm, gripping force of 42N, and weighs a mere 0.8kg.

Installation in 2 Minutes!

Installation in 2 Minutes!

It takes just three steps to mount CKD's UR certified pneumatic gripper on a robot. 1. Attach the dedicated flange to the robot. 2. Turn the clamp ring to attach the gripper. 3. Connect the wiring connector.

Reduce Teaching Time

Reduce Teaching Time

With simple setting procedures and intuitive operation, teaching time can be greatly reduced with the dedicated "CKD Pneumatic Gripper" software certified by Universal Robots.

Safety Features for Collaborative Work

Safety Features for Collaborative Work

For increased safety, CKD designed their pneumatic grippers with an edgeless resin cover and an indicator light that's visible from all angles.

Support for Air Systems

Support for Air Systems

An optional directional control valve can be set. Plus, CKD provides a variety of air components needed for driving the gripper. Click the link to talk to an elliTek engineer.

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