For more than a decade, elliTek has been helping manufacturers connect their plant floor machines to IT's databases with our MES products. Production Engineers are now free from writing down machine metrics and manually entering that data into IT's databases.

elliTek is the manufacturer of MES Products and developed the world's first Industrial Internet of Things Appliance, the IIoTA™. We lead the way in Industrial IoT products and integration because of our unique ability to provide genuine, field-proven solutions that work.

The inventor of the award-winning Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance is also the president of elliTek, Brandon Ellis.  After 20 years in the industrial automation industry, Brandon knew there had to be a better way for plant floor systems (OT) and enterprise-level (IT) networks to communicate.  Read more about Brandon's story and the Golden Mousetrap Award here


With the development of its MES product line, elliTek continues to provide high-level products that focus on the balance of powerful functionality, done with simplicity in order to empower the individual and make an Impact! 


Read Brandon's interview with Food Engineering magazine:  "Keeping machines, OT networks and IT safe from cyberattackes". Also in Food Engineering magazine, Brandon contributed this article: "Prevent ransomware attacks and save your business from financial ruin".

The Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance is now classified as "Legacy Support Only" and is replaced by elliTek's IIoTA™ (Industrial Internet of Things Appliance) stand-alone product. elliTek has also developed the IIoTA MiNi™ which is a DIN-style enclosure product for OEMs.

The IIoTA™ and IIoTA MiNi™ not only incorporate but build upon all the innovative features the Data Commander™ offered manufacturers. Keep scrolling to learn more about the IIoTA™ and the IIoTA MiNi™.

IIoTA™ & IIoTA MiNi™

Industrial Internet of Things Appliances

The IIoTA - Industrial Internet of Things Appliance
IIoTA - view of the power and reset
Your Network is secure with the IIoTA
Right view of the IIoTA
Left view of the IIoTA
IIoTA at a 45 degree angle
IIoTA MiNi - front view
IIoTA MiNi™ - back view
IIoTA MiNi™ - right view
IIoTA MiNi™ - left view
IIoTA MiNi™ - top view

elliTek's IIoTA and IIoTA MiNi™ are truly revolutionary in that the database server is integrated within these appliances.  They can be configured to operate 100% stand-alone.  No enterprise network is required -- IT Ride-thru.


Because the data server is locally integrated, data can be captured without the need for an external storage area.  This allows a stand-alone production line to meet traceability and defect flow-out prevention requirements without implementing a costly network infrastructure.

Both the IIoTA™ and IIoTA MiNi™ platforms have an Integrated Hardened Gateway. This hardware separation of the Operation Technology (OT) Network from the IT Network provides an ultra-secure, malware adverse solution.

The IIoTA™ is the same form factor as the Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance but with higher performance and a 3x increase in memory. The Data Commander™ and certainly the IIoTA™ and the IIoTA MiNi™ can be utilized to provide production engineers with real-time information for:​

  • Manufacturing Execution

  • Statistical Process Control

  • Quality Assurance and Control

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Six Sigma feedback

A high-speed, two-way gateway connection protects data integrity and isolates OT from IT networks.


Click Here to see where the Data Commander sits on the network.


The Data Commander can be leveraged to improve your production processes and equipment ROI.

Built-In Features for both the stand-alone IIoTA™ & the IIoTA MiNi™ Platforms

Integrated Database Server

The result is an Industrial IoT System that can be configured to operate 100% stand alone.  No enterprise network is required. 


Data can be captured without the need for an external storage area.  This allows a stand-alone production line to meet traceability and defect flow-out prevention requirements without implementing a costly network infrastructure. 

Pre-installed database server

Integrated Hardened Gateway

The IIoTA™ platforms are designed with an integrated hardware separation of the Operation Technology (OT) Network from the IT Network for an ultra-secure, malware adverse platform.

Because of the 1:1 NIC port to NIC Controller ratio, any attempts to bridge or link ports become virtually impossible since only one network is referenced across each layer.

Integrated Hardened Gateway

The IIoTA™ platforms give end-users the ability to:

  • Create custom web-based dashboards

  • Manage product traceability

  • Eliminate network latency or high-level connection concerns

  • Continued production despite network connection downtime events

elliTek's Industrial IoT Team knows how to connect dissimilar platforms and can help your plant operations move into Industry 4.0!