elliTek proudly distributes FANUC robots from Cumberland to Sullivan County, Tennessee and all places in between!

Fanuc America offers a complete range of field-proven products and services for industrial robots, robotic work cells, robotic vision, and factory automation solutions. Your automation products are covered by Fanuc's 'Service First' guarantee: Lifetime maintenance on Fanuc's products for as long as they are used - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


As the East Tennessee distributor for Fanuc, elliTek offers integration services, training, and support for Fanuc industrial robots, robotic work cells, and robotic vision. Our goal is to empower you and your team towards driving efficiency -- Making an Impact!

Fanuc's Collaborative Robot Series

Fanuc's CR Series Collaborative Robots manage tedious, repetitive tasks, lifting up to 35 kg, all while preserving the health and safety of your workers' on the assembly line. Some focal points of these robots are below.

Safe Collaboration

Safety is a primary concern for all manufacturers, especially when it comes to humans and collaborative robots sharing workspaces. As such, Fanuc's CR Series Collaborative Robots are equipped with proven safe contact stop sensor technology that allows these robots to intuitively stop after coming into contact with a person or fixed object.


Easy Programming and Handling

Fanuc's Hand Guidance makes it possible for you to teach your collaborative robot by leading it through paths. You can also teach it to lift heavy objects.

Interested in learning more about collecting data from your FANUC robot?


One of elliTek's strengths is Data Management.

Tested Technology

Fanuc's collaborative robots function just like their yellow robots meaning they can do repetitive movements many times at the same proficiency. These robots can be used for Assembly, Inspection, Metal Stamping, Packing, Pick & Place, Machine Tending, Material Handling, Quality Testing, and Welding.


Compatible Features

Fanuc's Collaborative Robots can come with Fanuc's iRVision and 3D vision. elliTek's Data Commander MES Gateway Appliance can communicate with Fanuc's robots to collect the data you need.

SCARA SR Series Robots

Fanucs's SCARA Robots offer speed and precision.


SCARA robots are perfect for assembly, pick & place, inspection, and testing.


elliTek offers integration, training, support, and data collection.


•  3KG payload

•  400mm reach

•  200mm stroke​


•  6KG payload

•  650mm reach

•  210mm stroke

FANUC R-30iB Compact Plus Controller

•  Global controller with CE/NRTL compliance

•  Simple setup, easy access, and lightweight, compact design

•  Built-in intelligent features like vision guidance, force sensing, conveyor tracking

FANUC Series Robots

ARC Mate Series

Collaborative Robot

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M-1iA Series

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M-10 Series

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M-410 Series

M-710iC Series

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Paint Series

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SCARA Robots

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