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elliTek is proudly serving as East Tennessee's Premier Yaskawa Drives & Motion Distributor

Yaskawa Drives & Motion are industry benchmarks for quality. Their Servo Drives and Motion products are known for reliability, innovation, and performance at competitive prices. 


With more than 20 years of experience in motion control and robotics, elliTek's engineers know these products inside and out. When you contact elliTek for Yaskawa, you will receive superior technical support, and elliTek's value-added capabilities, technical training, and integration will set you up for success. Our objective is to empower the user -- Making an Impact!


     Machine Controllers


     Servo Amplifiers & Motors

Yaskawa's Machine Controllers

Solutions Driven

Solutions Driven

elliTek's industrial automation solutions help you prepare for tomorrow's innovations today.

Yaskawa MP2600iec

Yaskawa MP2600iec

Yaskawa's MPiec Machine Controller, model MP2600iec

Yaskawa MP2300Siec

Yaskawa MP2300Siec

Yaskawa's MPiec Machine Controller model MP2300Siec

Yaskawa MP3300iec

Yaskawa MP3300iec

Yaskawa's Machine Controller model MP3300iec

Yaskawa MP3200iec

Yaskawa MP3200iec

Yaskawa's Machine Controller model MP3200iec

Maximize both machine throughput and quality at competitive prices with Yaskawa's Machine Controllers.


MPiec Machine Controllers Integrate Yaskawa's powerful motion engine with the IEC61131-3 and PLCopen programming standards, for control from 1 to 62 axles.


All MPiec Machine Controllers are equipped with the powerful processing you need to prepare for tomorrow's innovations without sacrificing today's cost-effectiveness and ease of use. You get both, plus extra features for added user flexibility.


In addition, elliTek has field-proven expertise in bridging the communication gaps between plant floor machines and integrating dissimilar systems. Our team gives you the confidence knowing your processes will be efficiently streamlined.



Yaskawa VIPA SLIO Is one of the most effective and modern decentralized I/O systems available, providing exceptional usability in an extremely compact and functional design.


Input/Output is FASTER and EASIER. Yaskawa's decentralized I/O system is full of features that make connection simpler and I/O function more efficient. 


Installer Friendly Design

Engineered for error-free installation, SLIO can be installed by an average technician without consulting a machine designer or installation engineer. ​

  • Easy, safe assembly with no tools required

  • Staircase-shaped wiring level saves space, eases connection

  • Clamp terminal assignment is clearly printed on each module

  • Labeling strips clearly indicate module function, replace easily after a reconfiguration

Servo Amplifiers & Motors


Sigma Series Servo Systems

Rotary, Linear, and Direct Drive servos from 3 W to 55 kW offer advanced features, including Tuning-less Mode, vibration suppression, ripple and friction compensation.


Both Yaskawa and elliTek place a high value on the user experience. The Sigma Series Servo Systems offer flexibility, easier operation, greater compactness, and a lower cost.


Yaskawa's Sigma Series tuning features are the complete package working together to deliver higher speed, greater precision and faster throughput than any servo on the market.​

7 Sigma Advantages

The new generation of Sigma Series servo motors offer power, precision, and reliability unmatched by anything in the automation industry. Better still, the newest Sigma-7 motors are completely compatible with Yaskawa's industry-leading Sigma-5 products. An easy replacement can lead to an instant boost in machine productivity!


20% more compact in size, for an easier fit in more applications.


16x better resolution radically improves positional accuracy


Nearly double the bandwidth yields faster speed, more throughput


New thermal sensors detect application problems before they affect motor life


Withstands ambient temperatures to 60° for solid performance in extreme environments


High-altitude friendly with full function assured at elevations of 2000 meters & above


IP67 rated for total protection against dust and water immersion to a depth of 1 m


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