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elliTek is an Authorized Distributor of Siemens Digital Industries and Controls products.

Siemens, the largest industrial manufacturing company globally, and elliTek have partnered to provide manufacturers with the necessary tools, training, and support to assure success.  If you're looking for a solutions-based approach to your automation challenges, you're in the right spot!

Siemens offers a breadth of products and services for industry, infrastructure, transportation, and healthcare.  Because elliTek's expertise is in digital transformation, elliTek offers Siemens Digital Industries and Controls solutions for customers in Eastern Tennessee and select counties in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Explore Siemens Digital Industry products and solutions.

SIMATIC Programmable Controllers, PLCs, I/O, HMIs, Industrial Communication, Industrial PCs, Power Supplies, and Factory Sensors

Siemens Factory Automation Solutions

SCALANCE (Industrial Networking), Industrial Idnet (RFID), Industrial Locating (RTLS), and Power Products (SITOP)




SIMOTICS High-performance Motors & Servos


AC Control Products & Sensors

Molded Case Circuit Breakers and OEM accessories for Molded Case Circuit Breaks


Topic of the Month

Standardization in Automation

Standardization has many facets and encompasses different products, processes, and tools.


Organizations can achieve multiple benefits by promoting standardization, such as increased efficiency, improved interoperability, reduced development and maintenance costs, enhanced scalability, and easier integration with existing systems.

Standardization also enables the adoption of best practices and drives continuous improvement in automated processes.

The benefits of Error and Alarming in standardization in automation include:

Manage Complexity Through Standardization
  • The ability to manage complexity through standardization.


  • Thanks to the standardized diagnostics concept, the state of each machine can be transmitted and quickly evaluated. This allows for swift actions when necessary and reduced downtime.

System Diagnostics with S7-1500 and TIA Portal

The system diagnostics are integrated into the firmware of the CPU S7-1500 and work independently from cyclic user programs. Therefore it is also available in the CPU operating mode STOP. Any faults are detected immediately and reported to the higher-level HMI device, the web server, the display of the CPU S7-1500, the LED displays in the module concerned, and in the TIA Portal even in the operating mode STOP. Therefore, the system diagnostics are always synchronous with the actual system status.


  • Integrated System Diagnostics
    The integrated System Diagnostics ensure full transparency of the system status. The system diagnostics are generated automatically.

  • Uniform display concept
    The system diagnostics information is displayed as uniform clear text information in the CPU display, TIA Portal, HMI, and the web server itself for messages of the drives.

  • Channel granular display concept
    In case of failure, the respective channel can be detected and classified quickly.



  • Reduced downtimes and increased system availability thanks to an exact visual allocation in case of failures.

  • Efficient failure analysis due to a uniform display concept.

  • Servicing is possible without a current project, due to a complete project upload including symbols.

Manage Complexity through Standardization

Without standardization, the search for the causes of a machine's failures or errors can take a long time. Specialists are often required for the task. With a standardized diagnostic concept, you can display the condition of every machine on your screen and evaluate them quickly. That means you can quickly respond and reduce your downtimes.

Watch this short video below to see how easy it can be to manage complexity through standardization.

OPC UA with TIA Portal V17

OPC UA with TIA Portal V17 by Siemens

With TIA Portal V17, OPC UA offers you powerful options for secure data transmission and integrated machine monitoring. The Global Discovery Server (GDS) function supports a dynamic alignment of security certificates during ongoing plant operation. The Alarms & Conditions (A&C) function transfers alarms and status notifications to higher-level SCADA, ERP, MES, and HMI systems via subscriptions without a direct interface to TIA or SIMATIC components.

Integrated Diagnostics with WinCC

Integrated Diagnostics with WinCC  by Siemens

In the engineering of machine and plant diagnostics, SIMATIC ProDiag saves programming in the CPU and supports troubleshooting directly on the HMI. You receive messages with information on the monitoring type, location and cause of the fault as well as its rectification and can identify and avert a possible fault at an early stage.

How a machine manufacturer connects machines easily with OPC UA.

Standardizing the communication interfaces to our customers cuts our engineering time by as much as 20% during commissioning." ~Benedikt Wagner - Head of Commissioning and Programming, Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH

Read the rest of the story.

How a a municipal company reduced its energy consumption by 15%!

The new SCADA system based on WinCC Unified is easy to use. We have been able to learn in an easy and intuitive way how it works to improve our operations and visualize all processes." ~Magdalena Marinez Conti, Plant Operator, Calvia 2000

Read how it was done.

Success Stories

Take the TIA Guided Tour and experience the Totally Integrated Automation. Learn more about the TIA Portal, including a 21-day free trial.


Both Siemens and elliTek share the same core values of empowerment to ensure each project is a success.  Listen to the podcast announcement to learn more about our partnership and shared customer-first approach.

Wherever you are in your Automation Journey, elliTek will meet you there. Don't hesitate to reach out!


Siemens Factory Automation Solutions

Siemens is at the forefront of automation technology and the digitalization of production with the goal of increased productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality. The result -- a highly competitive edge for our customers.

elliTek offers the following Siemens Factory Automation Solutions:

  • Automation Systems

  • Industrial Controls

  • Industry Software

  • PC-based automation

  • Process Control System

  • Distributed Control Systems

  • Industrial Identification

  • Identification Systems

  • Power Suppies

  • Process Instrumentation

  • Industrial Communication

  • Industry Services

  • Operator Control & Monitoring Systems

  • Proces Analytics

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)
Where digitalization becomes reality!

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), industrial automation from Siemens, stands for all automation components working efficiently together. Its open system architecture covers the entire production process and is based on the consistent presence of shared characteristics:  consistent data management, global standards, and uniform hardware and software interfaces.

These shared characteristics minimize engineering time resulting in lower costs, reduced time to market, and greater flexibility.

  • Integrated Engineering - Less time, money, and effort due to consistent, comprehensive engineering in all phases of the production process.

  • Industrial Data Management - The highest possible decision-making confidence maximizes economical plant operations through real-time access to all important data collected during production.

  • Industrial Communication - Unlimited, consistent communication maximizes transparency across all levels by using international cross-vendor standards.

  • Industrial Security - Systematically minimize the danger of an attack on your plant and machinery through the consistent use of automation security mechanisms.

  • Safety Integrated - Reliable, comprehensive protection of people, machinery, and the environment through the seamless integration of safety into standard automation technology.

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal
Your gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise

The cloud-based engineering solution for Totally Integrated Automation (TIA).

Mobile working that includes remote access to important tools and projects is more relevant than ever before. With TIA Portal Cloud, you can continue to perform your engineering tasks quickly, efficiently, and securely – only now you can do so from anywhere and at any time. Thanks to Siemens cloud services, you have access to the right TIA Portal version, without installation or updates. To save time, you can also save your projects in the cloud and can just as easily share them with colleagues – naturally, in line with the strictest cybersecurity standards.


Test it for yourself – for free!

(21-day trial)

Siemens TIA Portal Visual Cloud

Siemens TIA Portal - More Than Just an Engineering Framework

Siemens TIA Portal Engineering goes cloud

Innovative simulation tools, seamlessly integrated engineering, and transparent plant operation work perfectly together in TIA Portal for more flexibility, speed, and productivity. The new options benefit system integrators and machine builders as well as plant operators, making TIA Portal your perfect gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise.

Siemens TIA Portal: Digital Workflow

Increase your flexibility and work in an open, virtual, and networked manner.

TIA Portal Digital Workflow.png

Siemens TIA Portal provides the basis for flexible, efficient, coordinated teamwork. Flexible cloud solutions, scalable simulations with digital twins, and open interfaces make machine builders and plant operators considerably more agile and productive.


With a digital workflow, a virtual model of machines and plants can be used to simulate and test every aspect before actually building the real thing. This “digital twin” is also connected to operational IT and the cloud for even more flexibility and ultimately resulting in higher quality products.

The TIA Portal is your perfect gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise. As part of the Digital Enterprise Suite along with PLM and MES, it complements the comprehensive range of offerings from Siemens for companies on their path to Digitalization.

Take a TIA Guided Tour.  When you're ready, talk to one of elliTek's engineers.

Automation Systems
Efficiency by Design

Automation systems for all requirements designed by Siemens with efficiency as the focus. With the automation systems from Siemens, you can cover all requirements while benefiting from maximum efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Siemens is the only manufacturer with a complete, scalable portfolio including fail-safe - all programmed with a single software - TIA Portal.

Siemens is the #1 market position for Factory Automation, Automation products, Engineering software, and SCADA software.

Freedom You Can Feel
SIMATIC Controller - Take Control of the Future

SIMATIC Controller - Take Control of the Future

Integrated & Efficient The scalable portfolio of the SIMATIC family ensures an optimal solution for every application. In combination with the integrated engineering in the TIA Portal, you can significantly save costs and shorten your time-to-market. The SIMATIC family comprises the following components that complement each other perfectly: • SIMATIC Controllers • I/O systems • Control systems • Software for SIMATIC Controllers • Programming devices



Freedom you can feel with SIMATIC S7-1200. Now even more flexible thanks to improved connectivity. • Perfectly positioned - Technology Integrated • Leading the field in energy saving - Energy Meter • Arrive safely - Safety Integrated

Extended communication functions of the SIMATIC S7-1200

Extended communication functions of the SIMATIC S7-1200

Extended communication functions of the SIMATIC S7-1200 enable an improved, comprehensive data transfer. The new SIMATIC S7-1200 firmware V4.4 extends the communication functions of the SIMATIC S7-1200, enhancing cross-platform data transfer with other controllers and higher-level or cloud-based systems such as ERP, SCADA and MindSphere. The applications are numerous, ranging from industrial use to agriculture and infrastructure projects.

Improved Connectivity

Improved Connectivity

SIMATIC S7-1200 now even more flexible thanks to improved connectivity.

Perfectly positioned with Technology Integrated

Perfectly positioned with Technology Integrated

Fundamental motion functionality for speed controlled and position drive axes are already integrated in SIMATIC S7-1200. In this application example, a cutting device is implemented. For this, print marks on a band have to be detected and their position has to be stored as setpoint values for positioning the band. The band is positioned by means of a SINAMICS V90.

Arrive safely with Safety Integrated

Arrive safely with Safety Integrated

The SIMATIC S7-1200 CPUs with Safety Integrated perform both standard and safety-oriented tasks. A compact design with integrated I/O devices, communication interfaces - which meet the most stringent industry requirements - and a range of powerful integrated technology enable this controller to perform comprehensive automation solutions.

Leading the field in energy saving with Energy Management

Leading the field in energy saving with Energy Management

Energy efficiency is playing an increasingly important role in industry. Compliance with legislation, increasing pressure to improve profitability and the growing awareness of the need for climate protection are important factors prompting companies to reduce energy costs and introduce an energy management system. The Energy Meter module acquires energy data. In combination with the functionality of the SIMATIC S7-1200, it is possible to evaluate, display and archive the measured data.

Starter Kits

Starter Kits

Fast entry into the controller world - Made easy with the SIMATIC S7-1200 Starter Kits. Simply select and start – It doesn't get any easier! Click the link to schedule a call with one of elliTek's engineers.

Distributed I/O that fits anywhere

Siemens SIMATIC ET 200 is the IO system with large bandwidth.

With its SIMATIC ET 200 IO system, Siemens satisfies all requirements for distributed automation in a multitude of applications:  finely scalable due to its modular design, available in diverse enclosure versions to guarantee maximum durability and a comprehensive range of components from standard modules to technology modules.

SIMATIC WinCC Unified System
Visualize the Future

Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Unified system provides you LIMITLESS VISUALIZATION for every application.

The fundamentally new SIMATIC WinCC Unified visualization system can be used for any number of applications, from the Unified Comfort Panel directly at the machine, to complex SCADA solutions on PC systems. The engineering is performed uniformly in the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal. Thanks to the web technologies used, global access during the operation of the plant is possible from anywhere and using any modern web browser.


We        automation, but you can't take the human element out of it. A Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the very conduit by which a human can influence the machine. Hear about the hardware and software-based HMI systems (OT-based) and when and where one would utilize a larger-scale SCADA system.

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Siemens Motion Control Solutions

Siemens has the #1 market position for Drives, Motors, Machine tool systems, and Additive manufacturing.

The variable-speed drives from Siemens Drive Technologies are available in a variety of versions that cover all the requirements of modern industrial applications. The range extends from low-cost versatile converters for small performance capacities through reliable large drives in the megawatt range up to highly dynamic drives for machine tools and production machines.

Low-voltage and servo motors for the entire mechanical engineering and plant construction industry - the solution for the future:  maintenance-free, dynamic, and powerful.

elliTek offers the following Siemens Motion Control Solutions:

SINAMICS G and S Drives • SIMOTICS High-performance Motors & Servos


From Mars to your facility! Hear how manufacturers can utilize Siemens' innovative, NASA-type technology to manage the painful issues that we've been experiencing the past couple of years.

The Right Drive for Any Application

It would be impossible to imagine industry without electric motors. They come in a wide range of sizes and capacity stages and are responsible for ensuring that production and processes run smoothly, whether the applications are simple or complex. Drives play a crucial role:  They ensure that motors can always optimally and systematically apply their power. Siemens’ SINAMICS variable frequency drives provide the perfect solution for practically any application, from pumps and conveyor belts to ship propulsion systems and packaging machines – so that all companies in all industries always have the right drive system for their requirements and applications. To this portfolio of drives, Siemens adds perfectly coordinated drive components comprised of motors, generators, transmission motors, gears, clutches, and selection and engineering tools. The drives from Siemens can also reap all the benefits of digitalization. The SINAMICS products can be connected to MindSphere, the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens, and store their operating data easily and securely in the cloud. The Analyze My Drives MindApp continuously monitors important parameters of the drive solutions and recognizes any need for optimization and service on time. This lowers costs while also increasing productivity. The flexible, user-friendly, and economical SINAMICS drive technology prepares companies for the changing production conditions in the digital age.


Electric motors controlled by variable frequency drives are used for a wide range of applications. Drives ensure that motors can always optimally and systematically apply their power. Motors and drives form an integrated unit and can be scaled to manage any application. With SINAMICS frequency drives, Siemens provides the perfect solution for practically any application, from pumps and conveyor belts to ship propulsion systems and packaging machines. The drives from Siemens can also reap all the benefits of digitalization. The SINAMICS products can be connected to MindSphere, the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens, and store their operating data easily and securely in the cloud. App-based data analyses optimize maintenance, lower costs, and simultaneously increase productivity.

elliTek's engineers are here to help you select the right drive for YOUR application. Let us know how we can help!

SINAMICS G120X Drive Series
Specializing in infrastructure pump, fan, and compressor applications.

SINAMICS G120X specializes in controlling motors that pump water or propel air. Optimized for the infrastructure sector with a focus on the water/wastewater industry as well as on HVAC applications in building automation, its complete and seamless product range can meet every requirement.

It has a wide power range from 1–700 hp (0.75–630kW) and very wide voltage ranges 3AC 200–240V, 380–480V, and 500–690V with operating temperatures from -4º to 140º F (-20º to 60º C). The G120X can work with any induction, permanent magnetic, and synchronous reluctance motor — mastering every challenge of your industrial application.


SINAMICS G120X easily integrates into existing applications and is configured for cost-optimization and resource-saving operation, which ultimately helps reduce the total cost of ownership. 

Download the SINAMICS G120X brochure and schedule a call with an engineer to see if the SINAMICS G120X is the right fit for your application.