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For Operations Professionals, Manufacturing Process Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, and IT Network Engineers looking to gain the knowledge and skills needed to build, manage, and operate your plant network, elliTek University offers the fundamental courses for you.

Request HMI, Robotics, Industrial IoT, or Machine Vision training classes for your facility. 

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Empowering Individuals Through Training

Siemens Automation Training is Now Available at elliTek University

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, members of the Knoxville Chamber, and members of Siemens Drives & Motion Division were at elliTek to announce that Siemens Automation training is now available for the greater East Tennessee region through elliTek University.

As we work with Siemens on developing classes relevant to this area, what classes or topics would help further your career?

Ribbon cutting announcing Siemens Automation Training at elliTek University

The ribbon decoupling ceremony.

elliTek's interview with Mayor Jacobs.

elliTek University offers PLC courses

Introduction to PLCs

elliTek's Introduction to PLCs course provides you with an understanding of the basic terms and components foundational to support an understanding of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and how they model real-world hardwired electrical circuits.

A basic understanding of wiring tools and the capability of using these tools is required as a prerequisite for attending this class.


SINAMICS G120 - Setup & Maintenance

This 4 1/2 day course is for maintenance and engineering personnel responsible for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting the SINAMICS G120 series AC drives.

SINAMICS G120, Siemens PG and PLC will be used for hands-on exercises.


SINAMICS family of drives by Siemens

Data Management Basics

elliTek University's Industrial IoT training classes provide Production Engineers with a holistic analysis of the foundational topics, principles, and technologies in IIoT.

Get hands-on experience of real-world, Industry 4.0 solutions from our expert instructors.


elliTek University offers classes in Industrial IoT
Robotics Training at elliTek University

Robotics Courses

Learn the latest automation technologies in industrial robots, robotic work cells, robotic vision, and collaborative robots (cobots).

In addition to a comprehensive overview, our instructor-led courses give students the opportunity to learn in a hands-on environment.

IIoTA and IIoTA MiNi MES Platforms

IIoTA™ MES Appliance Training

Learn how to use the IIoTA™ MES Appliance to securely move data between your plant floor machines (devices) and the enterprise/IT level databases without using a PC.

Receive hands-on training from industry experts.