For Operations Professionals, Manufacturing Process Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, and IT Network Engineers looking to gain the knowledge and skills needed to build, manage, and operate your plant network, elliTek University offers the fundamental courses for you.

Because the health and safety of our employees and attendees are of utmost importance, classes are currently limited to people who work at the same company. Request HMI, Robotics, Industrial IoT, or Machine Vision training classes for your facility. Or sign up for the elliTek Unviserty newsletter to be informed of upcoming classes when restrictions loosen.

Read what some of our recent students have to say.

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Empowering Individuals Through Training

Industrial IoT Training

elliTek University's Industrial IoT training classes provide Production Engineers with a holistic analysis of the foundational topics, principles, and technologies in IIoT.

Get hands-on experience of real-world, Industry 4.0 solutions from our expert instructors.


Industrial IoT Classes at elliTek University
Robotics Training at elliTek University

Robotics Training

Learn the latest automation technologies in industrial robots, robotic work cells, robotic vision, and collaborative robots (cobots).

In addition to a comprehensive overview, our instructor-led courses give students the opportunity to learn in a hands-on environment.

IIoTA MES Appliance Training

IIoTA™ MES Appliance Training

Learn how to use the IIoTA™ MES Appliance to securely move data between your plant floor machines (devices) and the enterprise/IT level databases without using a PC.

Receive hands-on training from industry experts.


Machine Vision Training

Machine Vision Training

For applications such as automatic inspection, process control, and robot guidance, learn the foundational principles of Machine Vision (MV) to combine existing technologies in new ways to solve real-world problems in industrial automation.

Upon successful completion of this class, you will know how to use Machine Vision to improve product quality and consistency, as well as optimize production speed.


HMI Training

Decrease production downtime and increase production efficiency with elliTek University's HMI (Human Machine Interface) classes. 


The instructor-led classes teach attendees the foundational principles needed for fault diagnostics, troubleshooting, and interfacing with PLCs.


elliTek University offers HMI Human Machine Interface Training
elliTek Technical Trainig Class testimonial

Great Class!


Will be able to troubleshoot as well as add new commands.

elliTek Technical Trainig Class testimonial

Great Spot! Very neat classroom setup.


Awesome Setting.


What Makes elliTek University Different ?

How the training is done is where elliTek University stands apart from the rest. Listen to elliTek's podcast, "Industrial Automation - It Doesn't Have To... Be Unsupported", to hear how elliTek's training EMPOWERS the students.


About Our Instructors

Learning about Industrial IoT and Industrial Automation is only helpful when coupled with knowledge of how the technology can fit into the unique requirements of the individual user.  Keeping this in mind, elliTek University classes are taught by engineers with vast experience and comprehensive knowledge of smart factory technology.

Our instructors have been in the trenches and know how to leverage Industrial IoT to drive manufacturing efficiency. The best interest of our learners is always top-of-mind for our instructors and staff.


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