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elliTek and Tolomatic have teamed up to provide East Tennessee manufacturers with the finest in automation components

Tolomatic has been manufacturing state-of-the-art automation components for more than 60 years. Their products are used in a wide array of applications from bottle capping, packaging, material handling to robotic resistance spot welding.


Tolomatic's automation technologies include:



Tolomatic and elliTek have compatible philosophies that provide thoughtful, genuine solutions that help drive efficiencies for industrial automation companies. Let us put our expertise to work for you, so together we can Make an Impact!


Tolomatic's Electric Linear Actuators

Electric Linear Actuators

Tolomatic's electric linear motion control line consists of rod-style and rodless linear actuators, Servo and Stepper control, and ServoWeld® servo actuators for robotic resistance spot welding. 


Due to the extensive product line that Tolomatic offers, just a few products are highlighted here. We encourage you to reach out to our applications specialists to learn more, (865) 409-1555.

ERD Low-cost Electric Cylinders for Pneumatic Cylinder Replacement


For automating manual processes, Tolomatic's ERD low-cost electric cylinder series are an excellent alternative to pneumatic cylinders.


The ERD is compatible with many NEMA & metric mount stepper and servo motors. ERD electric cylinders excel at gating, diverting and product changeovers.


elliTek's Systems Group specializes in automating manual processes and data collection. Contact our team to learn more.

Rodless electro-mechanical actuators

  • Screw-driven designs

  • Belt-driven designs

  • Variety of bearing styles and options

MXB-S Linear Belt Drive Actuator

MXB-S linear belt drive actuators offer rugged durability at an economical price point. Its self-cleaning bearing system is an excellent fit for dusty or other critical environments. 


The MXB-S is compact for use in applications requiring light to moderate load carrying and guidance. For applications with larger loading capacities, the MXE-P Series is a brilliant option.

ServoWeld® Resistance Spot Welding Actuators


Tolomatic's ServoWeld® product line can match almost any welding application. They are designed specifically for robot-carried resistance spot welding systems. Features:


  • Compact, lightweight integrated servo design

  • Roller screw to maximize performance and life

  • Motor designed for consistent, repeatable weld force

  • Designed such that any weld gun style can be used

  • Water cooling option for faster weld schedules


For robot and servo drive integration, contact elliTek's Systems Group.


Pneumatic Linear Actuators

Pneumatic Linear Actuators

Tolomatic offers a broad range of durable pneumatic linear actuators including Rodless Pneumatic Actuators, Band-type Rodless Pneumatic Actuators, Magnetic Linear Actuators, Cable Cylinders, and Rod-style Pneumatic Linear Thrusters.​

Rodless Pneumatic Air Cylinders are compact and provide longer stroke applications as opposed to rod-style air cylinders.

Band-Type rodless pneumatic actuators by Tolomatic provide flawless control and a variety of options to meet performance specifications ranging from moving pallets into position or opening a door.​

Pneumatic Linear - MXP-N Internal Bearing compact air cylinders

MXP-N Internal Bearing Compact Air Cylinders:

  • Low-cost

  • Compact

  • Lowest breakaway pressure

  • Perfect for vertical applications

  • Low maintenance

Tolomatic's Magnetic Linear Actuators are an excellent choice for safety as they have very high breakaway points and for cleanroom applications as they are available in stainless steel.

MG Magnetic Linear Cylinders

  • Coupling forces up to 100 lbs

  • All enclosed design for contaminant protection

  • Minimized downtime due to field-repairable design


MGS Magnetic Linear Slides

  • Coupling forces up to 70 lbs

  • Choice of precision linear ball or sintered bronze bearings

  • End-of-stroke deceleration adjustment

Tolomatic's Cable Cylinder Actuators use Endurance Technology for maximum durability to extend the service life. They have four different designs from which to choose:  Double-Acting, Single-Acting, Double Purchase and Track.

Double-Acting Pneumatic Air Cylinders

  • Versatile and space saving

  • 9 Bore sizes from 1/2 to 5 inches


Single-Acting Pneumatic Air Cylinders

  • Cost savings over double-acting cylinders

  • Bore sizes from 3/4 to 5 inches


Double Purchase Pulley Actuators

  • Double stroke lengths up to 120' without increasing space

  • Bore sizes from 1.5 to 4 inches​


Track Cable Cylinders

  • Greater surface and larger load capacity

  • Aluminum bearing block guides and support loads


Power-Block Pneumatic Linear Thrusters by Tolomatic are designed to withstand heavy side loading. This design makes them perfect for conveyor line stops and short stroke load lifting applications.

Pneumatic Linear - Power Block image.jpg

Power-Block Pneumatic Linear Thruster

  • Two precision steel guide rods 

  • Composite bearings

  • Positive load support​


Pneumatic Linear - Power-Block 2 image.j

Power-Block 2 Guided Air Cylinders

  • Stroke lengths up to 6 inches

  • Thrusting capabilities over 800 lbs

  • For pick-and-place or material handling


Industrial Power Transmission

Power Transmission

Tolomatic's Industrial Power Transmission Products deliver field-proven performance for more than 60 years.​​​

Industrial Caliper Brakes

Tolomatic manufacturers industrial brakes in pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, hydraulic/mechanical combinations and spring applied caliper brake models.

  • Pneumatic Series: P10, P20, P220

  • Hydraulic Series: H10, H20, H220, H2201, H441, H960

  • Mechanical Series: ME10, ME20, ME220, MB3

  • Hydraulic & Mechanical Series: H/ME20, H/ME220

  • Spring Applied Series: FS20, FS220B, FS220BI, FS220C, FS220CI, FS595, FS595 Dual

  • Accessories include: Fixed Hub & Disc Assemblies, Fixed Hub & Disc with QD Bushings, Quick Disconnect Bushings & Hubs, One-Piece Hub and Disc, Intensifier, Tension Control Combinations

Industrial Right Angle Gearboxes

Tolomatic offers two lines of industrial right angle gearboxes: The Slide-Rite® right angle gearbox and the Float-A-Shaft® right angle gearbox.


Slide-Rite® Right Angle Gearboxes:

  • Compact 1:1 Ratio

  • Standard 1:1 Ratio

  • Standard 2:1 Ratio

  • Standard 3:2 Ratio

  • Compact Corrosion Resistant 1:1 Ratio

  • Standard Corrosion Resistant 1:1 Ratio

Float-A-Shaft® Right Angle Gearboxes:

  • Compact 1:1 Low Torque

  • Compact 1:1 High Torque

  • Standard 1:1 Low Torque

  • Standard 1:1 High Torque

  • Standard 2:1 Low Torque

  • Standard 2:1 High Torque

  • Standard 2.5:1 Low Torque

  • Standard 3:2 Low Torque

  • Standard 3:2 High Torque

elliTek offers Distribution, Training & Support

Industrial Pneumatic Cone Clutches

Tolomatic manufactures the ONLY disc/cone clutch in the industry.


The pneumatic cone clutch is typically used with Tolomatic caliper brakes and gearboxes for complete power transmission control in OEM machines and automated assembly lines.


1207 Series Pneumatic Cone Clutches: 10x the heat dissipation as the 1307 series w/ up to 160 BTU/hour at 1800 RPMs. 


1307D Series Pneumatic Cone Clutches:  save space yet deliver high torque in lower cyclic applications.


1208 Series Pneumatic Cone Clutches: 10x the heat dissipation as the 1308 series with up to 750 BTU/hour at 1800 RPMs.


1308D Series Pneumatic Cone Clutches: space savers w/ torque ranges of 35 to 635 in-lbs (dependent on cycle rate and RPMs).


1209 Series Pneumatic Cone Clutches: 10x the heat dissipation as the 1309 series with up to 1600 BTU/hour at 1800 RPMs.

1309C Series Pneumatic Cone Clutches: save space w/ torque ranges of 210 to 1000 in-lbs (dependent on cycle rate and RPMs).


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