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Tolomatic offers the finest Actuators in the industry

elliTek and Tolomatic have teamed up to provide East Tennessee manufacturers with the finest in automation components

Tolomatic has been manufacturing state-of-the-art automation components for more than 60 years. Their products are used in a wide array of applications from bottle capping, packaging, material handling to robotic resistance spot welding.


Tolomatic's automation technologies include:



Tolomatic and elliTek have compatible philosophies that provide thoughtful, genuine solutions that help drive efficiencies for industrial automation companies. Let us put our expertise to work for you, so together we can Make an Impact!


Tolomatic's Electric Linear Actuators

Electric Linear Actuators

Tolomatic's electric linear motion control line consists of rod-style and rodless linear actuators, Servo and Stepper control, and ServoWeld® servo actuators for robotic resistance spot welding. 


Due to the extensive product line that Tolomatic offers, just a few products are highlighted here. We encourage you to reach out to our applications specialists to learn more, (865) 409-1555.

ERD Low-cost Electric Cylinders for Pneumatic Cylinder Replacement


For automating manual processes, Tolomatic's ERD low-cost electric cylinder series are an exc