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Welcome to elliTek. We're thankful & grateful you're here!

Siemens elliTek Training Launch Ceremony

elliTek is a solutions-based automation distribution company.

This photo is the ribbon decoupling event announcing Siemens automation training in Knoxville. Listen to elliTek's interview with Major Jacobs.

Our mission:
“To empower our clients as they work to implement their ideals for driving efficiency in their individual environments, for a company’s success should not only be measured in quality and performance but in its ability to empower those influenced by it.”

Brandon Ellis the Founder of elliTek

Our founding

elliTek, Inc. was founded by Brandon Ellis in 2009.  It began as an automation integration company with expertise in IoT, factory data management, advanced automation, and motion control.  As time passed, elliTek began to distinguish itself as a strategic solutions-based integration company.

In 2014, elliTek began establishing itself as a premier automation solutions-based distribution company.

Today, elliTek has made its mark on industrial automation through its reputation of offering complete automation solutions by combining the automation products it represents into a complete automation solution.


Why would Brandon start a company in 2009?  Inspiration can strike anywhere.  For Brandon, his Ah-Ha moment occurred on a plant floor in a rural community in Tennessee.  Under much duress, Brandon thought, "Why can't we create a platform that empowers the plant floor engineer instead of continuing to require weeks of complex, custom programming on every project?" 


There must be a better way - the Data Commander™ was born.

Brandon invented the Data Commander™ with the end-user in mind.  Manufacturing engineers don't need to be data scientists or PLC programmers.  A combination of proprietary hardware and software along with the point-and-click nature of the Data Commander™ removes the complexities allowing secure implementation in minutes vs. days or even months.

Data Commander MES Appliance

Hardware & Software Innovation of the Year

Data Commander a Golden Mousetrap 2018 Winner
elliTeks Mission of Empowerment

What Motivates Us?


Each team member is passionate about their work.  When you succeed, we succeed.  Our goal is to understand what motivates you, your business model, and the obstacles you face.

Wherever you are in your automation journey, elliTek will meet you there!

Meet The Team
Alan Penticuff

Alan Penticuff

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Senior Applications Engineer


Brandon Ellis

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President of elliTek, Inc.

Timberlie Ellis
Ella Ellis

Timberlie Ellis
& Ella

Office & AP Manager

Ella is elliTek's mascot

Brian Kelley

Brian Kelley

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Inside Sales

Beth Elliott

Beth Elliott

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Marketing Manager

Machined Parts by Zeke

Ezekiel French

Actually, Zeke's work. We'll get a photo when Zeke isn't so busy.😀

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Technician 1