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“To EMPOWER our clients as they work to implement their ideas for driving efficiency in their environments, for a company's greatness should not only be measured in quality and performance but in its ability to empower those who chose to work with it.”

More than a decade ago, elliTek established itself as a systems integration company with expertise in motion control and automated machine design and soon gained a reputation for providing solutions allowing dissimilar control platforms to "talk" to each other through the sharing of data. This area of expertise placed elliTek among the first to realize the value of the M2M (machine to machine) movement in the world of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).


While the IIoT movement continues to bring about new thinking and new products for the industry, its forward momentum thrust ellItek directly into a place where the plant floor machine control world and the information technology world were colliding.


Despite the turmoil associated with joining two dissimilar and complex worlds, the benefits of bridging the gap served as the driving force for elliTek as it began to focus on increasing its expertise levels within each. With the development of its Data Commander™ MES Gateway products, elliTek continues to provide high-level products that focus on the balance of powerful functionality, yet done with simplicity. 


elliTek continues making its mark. Having developed partnerships with industry-leading companies, elliTek is leading the way with new and exciting products and services, continuing to bridge the gaps between today's machine control platforms and enterprise-level database server platforms. By placing its emphasis on the user experience, and then applying technology to make that experience as satisfying as possible, the data products and services we provide are quickly becoming the standard by which others are judged. ​

Learn more about our System Integration Services, Pre-engineered Solutions, Machine Building, and our Industrial IoT Manufacturing capabilities. 

"It's an exciting time in the machine automation and IT industries, and I'm proud that our customers continue to give our company the privilege of taking part in that excitement!"

-Brandon Ellis, President of elliTek, Inc.

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