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Yes, elliTek is a robot distributor and robot integrator. We offer robots, collaborative robots (cobots), pre-engineered robotic work cells, robotic vision systems, robot accessories, and robot training and support.

With more than 25 years of experience in industrial automation, elliTek's Systems Group is here to help guide you through each step of your project.

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elliTek works closely with robot manufacturers that offer adaptable and dependable solutions for the best return on investment (ROI). Our robotic partners include Elite Robots, FANUC, Hanwha Robots, and Yaskawa Motoman.

Elite Robots' extremely affordable collaborative robots (cobots) and cobotic solutions are an ROI game changer! Elite Robots' cobots are perfect for machine-tending applications due to their slim yet robust design. In addition, Elite's cobots are equipped with extensive communication capabilities and an IP54 industrial protection rating enabling them to be used in any workstation and to operate multiple machines simultaneously with one single robotic arm.


As a FANUC Authorized Integrator, elliTek has complete access to FANUC's entire line of robots, accessories, and legal software. FANUC's extensive robot line includes more than 200 different robot variants ranging in payload from 0.5kg to 2300kg.

Yaskawa Motoman Robotics manufactures more than 150 robot models used in applications such as welding, cutting, picking, palletizing, and nearly every industrial application. Motoman's industrial robot arms can handle payloads ranging from <2Kg to >100Kg and reaches of <1000mm to >3000mm. Motoman's product line includes collaborative robots (cobots), industrial robot arms, delta, and SCARA robot models.

Hanwha's HCR collaborative robot series are six-axis articulated robots with exceptional space utilization. The HCR series consists of three models that can be used to collaborate with workers. These cobots can be applied immediately without changing the existing workspace, thereby reducing investment costs and operating expenses. They are easy to control and flexible in reacting to changes in the production layout. The HCR series not only automates manual work, but the HCR series also provides a safer work environment.

elliTek's Automation Team has carefully selected and designed pre-engineered robotic work cells that include either an Elite Robots, FANUC, Hanwha, or Motoman robot, controller, teach pendant, and table or pedestal. Other peripherals such as part positioner and safety equipment are optional.


Our pre-engineered workcells are easy to set up and operate, optimize production efficiencies and performance, and provide multi-process flexibility, and safety to your production line.

Find out how much industrial robots cost.

We are here to help you narrow down the choices and are determined to find the robot that best fits your budget and application -- IF a robot is best for your application.

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