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The varieties and options for industrial robots and collaborative robots (cobots) can be overwhelming. elliTek's Automation Experts have some tips that will help narrow down the choices for you.

Nearly endless options for industrial robot choices

To streamline your decision-making process, here are some basic questions with which to start:

  1. What application do you want to automate? Industrial robots can automate almost anything in a plant. Start by narrowing your search by the application. The types of robots used to automate material handling, spot welding, arc welding, pick & place, repeatability, or assembly can be different.

  2. What payload is essential? elliTek's Automation Experts suggest choosing a robot based on the right payload capacity. When you are figuring out this measurement, take into consideration the end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) and the product being lifted.

  3. How far does the robot need to reach? What type of work envelope do you want your robot to have? The reach of the robot will help you determine the correct solution for your application.

  4. Does your application require a robot or a pre-engineered robotic workcell? Robotic workcells allow robots to operate at their full speed and capacity. elliTek's pre-engineered options are turn-key and ready for quick installation. Customizable workcells can also be designed to your specific dimensions, configurations, applications, or part manipulation requirements.

  5. Do you prefer a specific robot manufacturer? elliTek has many different robots from a variety of manufacturers including FANUC, Hanwha, and Yaskawa Motoman. Some of our customers are careful to match their existing equipment while other customers will try something new.

elliTek's Automation Team has put together some steps to consider when implementing automation.


We are here to assist you. We will do everything in our power to ensure you have the right industrial robot or cobot for your application and your budget. Let us know how we can help.

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