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Smartshift Robotics universal tool changeover system and robot bases transform your robot into a versatile workhorse.

Smartshift Robotics solutions empower you with increased flexibility in production with higher output and a more sensible working environment. For smart, flexible, and cost-efficient robotic solutions, you're on the right page.

As a premier distribution partner with Smartshift Robotics, elliTek's extensive integration background and firsthand experience with Smartshift Robotics products enable our engineers to provide the next level of engineering services and support that are unmatched.

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Explore the exciting solutions that Smartshift Robotics offers for every industry and application:  Tool Changers, Robot Base.

Smartshift's Tool Changers


Manually changing tools on your industrial or collaborative robot is time-consuming and costly. A tool changer is attached to the robot's wrist allowing the robotic cell to seamlessly switch from one tool to another.


With a tool changer, you can have multiple tools in the same work area to complete a set of tasks. If your operation requires assembly, testing, and material handling, the tool changer can take each individual tool and switch one after the other to complete the required tasks.


Adding a tool changeover system is an easy, low-hanging fruit opportunity to automate,

especially with collaborative systems.

Smartshift's patented tool changers are universally compatible with almost all lightweight industrial and collaborative robots and tools. These lightweight, easy-to-connect tool changers improve productivity and quality with high speed and precision.

With Smartshift Robotics dovetail-type tool changer, you can have a very precise means of mounting a robot and easy removal without voiding warranties. You can use a collaborative robot in multiple places, where they would normally move a person around. If your facility is experiencing labor shortages, a tool changer from Smartshift Robotics is a smart step towards automation.

Smartshift Robotics tool changer advantages