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Maybe an industrial or collaborative robot isn't the best solution for the application you want to automate. All of elliTek's engineers evaluate every application and the needs of the individual and the facility.

IF an industrial or collaborative robot is the right solution for you and your application, the robot can increase production and the quality of your product while saving money, saving time, and saving resources.

Consider Brandon's Brandology on the 4 reasons to automate. Check out elliTek's podcast "Industrial Automation - It Doesn't Have To... Be Manual" to hear why.

  1. Quality / Consistency

  2. Decrease Cyle Time / Increase Production

  3. Reclassification of Labor to more meaningful work

  4. Flexibility / Quick Setup

Industrial and collaborative robots can be used to take over dangerous and repetitive tasks. Your associates can then focus their attention on more fulfilling, high-value work.

In addition, manufacturers can take advantage of the industrial and collaborative robots inherent aspects such as:

QUALITY -- Higher quality products are produced due to the consistency and precision that robots bring to the table.

SAVING MONEY -- Industrial robots and especially cobots have a quick return on investment (ROI). Robots are consistent and dedicated "employees." They don't take breaks or paid time off. Manufacturers can recuperate from the initial cost fairly quickly.

REDUCING WASTE -- Your valuable materials aren't wasted because robots are so precise and accurate that they make fewer mistakes.

PRODUCTION -- Robots can move at high speeds, so production time is reduced. The profits manufacturers receive in throughput are sometimes enough to expand and produce even more.

SPACE SAVING -- Because industrial robots have compact bases, they can be installed just about anywhere, on rails, ceilings, walls, or tables. Collaborative robots (cobots) save even more space. Cobots are designed to work safely in a shared space with people. Cobots are equipped with sensors and emergency stops for increased safety.

SAFETY -- Fumes, sparks, dust particles, and arc glare are some of the applications that are hazardous to people. Robots can be placed in those environments, so people don't have to be exposed to those extreme hazards resulting in a safer work environment.

Associates can engage in more rewarding jobs while the robot takes over the manual, mundane, and hazardous tasks. Your employees can also take the opportunity to learn new robotic skills like maintaining, operating, or programming the robot.

Explore the types of robots. When you're ready, talk to a member of elliTek's Systems Group to see if your facility can benefit from an industrial or collaborative robot at (865) 409-1555. If you'd rather drop us a line, click the button below.

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