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elliTek is a robot distributor and integrator that offers robots, pre-engineered robotic work cells, robot accessories, unsurpassed customer support, and training.

elliTek's Mission distinguishes us from other robot companies in that we provide solutions that empower the individual. Our Systems Group can engineer and integrate a variety of robotic applications. Our team will be with you throughout your entire project.

If you choose elliTek for your robot project, our engineers will sit down with you and ask: 

  • What parts can you do or provide?

  • Can you do this cheaper than we can or for less expense by using your people and/or your facilities? 


This way, you don't have to pay an outside person for the work you can do in-house.

Our emphasis is on Making An Impact by providing real-world, field-proven solutions that optimize existing resources with the latest technologies.

For more than a decade, customers have relied on elliTek because of our commitment to our customers, our quality products, and our customizable solutions. Additionally, elliTek has a large facility and is capable of engineering and integrating a diverse range of robotic applications.

The combination of elliTek's integration expertise and the manufacturer's resources makes superior automation solutions with shorter lead times possible. Our automation team will be with you throughout your entire project.


Our customers count on elliTek for training, service, and unsurpassed support. Learn more about elliTek's partners.

Explore our FAQ pages to learn more about what makes elliTek unique.

Check out elliTek's first podcast episode "Industrial Automation - It Doesn't Have To... Be Engineered" to hear in Brandon's words what makes elliTek different from other distributors.

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