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The 5 Stages of Industrial IoT Grief & How We Handle It

Updated: Feb 10, 2022


No one can argue that Industry 4.0 has its advantages. On the other hand, how manufacturers get to the point of a fully connected factory can be brimming with roadblocks causing grief, sleepless nights, and an unbalanced work-home life.

elliTek's IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Team has experienced the pains of connecting disparate platforms; hence, the five stages of Industrial IoT Grief.

The five stages are listed below. More importantly, we'd like to share with you a real example of what our IIoT Team has done to help a medical manufacturer get through these stages and onto a more productive, efficient, and simplified work environment.

1) Denial. We don't have the capability. 😔

2) Anguish. We're using humans for data entry, so why is our data incorrect? 😤

3) Bargaining. How about incentives? Would that fix the data entry problem? 😕

4) Regret. After all we've invested, our data is still inconsistent! 😞

5) Acceptance. We can't get there from here. Just live with it. 😐

elliTek's customer was in Stage 2 Anguish. Human data entry errors were impacting the quality of data in the production process. Fortunately for this medical manufacturer, they reached out to elliTek's IIoT Team!

The goal was to gather production and fault data from an upgraded machine that had several PLCs controlling different areas.

elliTek's IIoT solution -- Let the machines and databases "talk"! 😃

By letting the machines and databases "talk" to each other, associates no longer need to manually enter data. But How?

There is a simple, robust, network-based appliance that implements quickly and is powerful enough to gather large amounts of data from multiple sources in real-time.

It's the Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance and the soon to be released IIoTA™ (Industrial Internet of Things Appliance).

"We saw the Data Commander™ and it was cost effective and solved our issues." ~Senior Automation Engineer

The results -- No more manual data entry by shift workers.

The Data Commander™ and certainly the IIoTA™ connects factory floor machines to enterprise-level databases completely eliminating the need for associates to report shift data to supervision and manually enter data.

By being able to connect the two systems, OT (Operational Technology) with IT (Information Technology), our customer tells us "not only did that increase their [shift workers] productivity, but it also has had a vast impact on the quality of our data. The numbers are correct and don't have the human error issues that having many people recording it had."

"It Simply Works. Period"

Our customer was able to

  • Increase Productivity

  • Increase Quality of Data

  • Eliminate Redundancy

If your manufacturing processes are experiencing any of the IIoT Stages of Grief, please reach out to elliTek's industrial IoT Team!

Our promise to you: "To EMPOWER our clients as they work to implement their ideas for driving efficiency in their environments, for a companies greatness should not only be measured in quality and performance but in its ability to empower those who chose to work with it."

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