elliTek and Hanwha Robotics have teamed together to provide manufacturers affordable collaborative robots to automate processes.

Hanwha Precision Machinery’s collaborative robots are among the easiest, flexible, and safest cobots in the industry. Hanwha cobots can be applied to various processes, from straightforward tasks such as pick & place and palletizing up to dispensing, polishing, and screw driving tasks. These robots are designed for tedious, repetitive, and dangerous functions, giving your employees time to focus on high value-added tasks and to work in a safer environment. Hanwha's HCR-5 is cleanroom rated!


elliTek’s Integration Team knows the ever-increasing challenges manufacturers are faced with daily. Our team is hyper-focused on recent trends in factory automation hence our partnership with Hanwha. Together, Hanwha collaborative robots and elliTek, can help manufacturers improve quality through process automation, cut operational costs with easily controllable equipment, offer flexible switch-over between processes for small-batch production, and improve dangerous work conditions. Our goal is to empower you and your team towards driving efficiency -- Making an Impact!

HCR Series Collaborative Robots

Hanwha's HCR collaborative robot is a six-axis articulated robot with exceptional space utilization. The HCR series consists of three models that can be used to collaborate with workers. These cobots can be applied immediately without changing the existing workspace, thereby reducing investment costs and operating expenses. They are easy to control and flexible in reacting to changes in the production layout. The HCR series not only automates manual work, but the HCR series also provides a safer work environment.

The HCR series can handle payloads from more than 6lbs up to 26lbs. The reach ranges from 2ft up to more than 4ft. The use of space is optimized with the flexible mounting options offered by the HCR series:  0° from the floor, 90° to the wall, and 180° to the ceiling. The HCR series cobots are stable and designed with redundant safety features such as collision detection, impact mitigation, joint rotation limit, joint speed limits, TCP speed limit, and virtual safety fence.

In addition, the intuitive Hanwha Robotics HCR robot software "Rodi" allows for easy setup and operation. Icon-based GUI provides script systems for easy programming and easier development of applications.


Hanwha's HCR-3 cobot is their smallest, lightweight collaborative robot. The benefits of infinite rotation on the end joint make it an excellent choice for screw driving and assembly applications. 

Payload 3kg - Reach 630mm - This collaborative table-top robot can be easily installed and operated even in narrow spaces such as inside of an industrial machine. HCR-3 is suitable for lightweight handling tasks as seen in the electronic industry -- tasks such as inspection, screw driving, and assembly. Since HCR-3 weighs only 28.5lb, it is easy to deploy without changing your manufacturing layout.



The HCR-5 cobot by Hanwha is the most popular model. With a reach of 3ft, the HCR-5 is the perfect choice to collaborate with employees to increase productivity on the manufacturing line.

Hanwha's HCR-5 is cleanroom rated. View the certificate here. View the HCR-5 controller cleanroom certificate here.

Payload 5kg - The HCR-5 is ideal for almost every industry and application. It improves the working environment and lets employees concentrate on value-added work. Specifically, the HCR-5 is suitable for pick & place, welding, and inspection.



HCR-12 has the widest working radius and the largest payload of the HCR series. It is most effective in automotive or metal processing industries that deal with heavy products. The HCR-12 improves productivity and creates a safer working environment when applied to repetitive and dangerous tasks such as loading & unloading metal materials into the machine.

Payload 12kg - Reach 1300mm - The HCR-12 is suitable for loading & unloading and palletizing applications.


Experts in Automation

elliTek's Integration Group has spent decades implementing, planning, coordinating, scheduling, testing, and improving manufacturing systems. When it comes to automation, our team has just about seen it all.

Call us to learn more about Hanwha's collaborative robots or if you just have questions about automating your processes. We're here to help!

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