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Let's Get a Grip and Move Forward

A robot🤖 without a gripper is like a bicycle🚲 without wheels -- you won't get too far.


Grippers allow robots to automate key processes, like assembly, inspection, machine tending, and pick & place.

Combine gripper technology with automation technology, and now we’re really moving.

SCHUNK, the international technology leader in tool holding, work holding, gripping, and automation technology, and elliTek, Inc. have partnered to provide Tennessee manufacturers with state-of-the-art solutions for improving production lines and robot systems.

For Tennessee manufacturers, this means you have the full backing of SCHUNK’s profound expertise and willingness to face challenges and move ideas forward, as well as elliTek’s extensive integration background, firsthand experience with SCHUNK’s products, and unmatched customer support.

“We are excited to partner with elliTek. elliTek’s extensive controls and engineering background brings a level of ‘Value-Added Service’ that we have been searching for in a partner.” Says David Simerly, Tennessee Territory Sales Manager, “We are looking forward to providing area manufacturers SCHUNK’s innovative products and elliTek’s tremendous level of support.”

SCHUNK is well known for its gripping solutions. SCHUNK’s grip force is second to none as far as heavy-duty grip forces go.

But did you know that SCHUNK also offers linear actuators, rotary actuators, linear motors, work holding, and collaborative robot (cobot) accessories?

SCHUNK’s Linear Actuator Program is really something else -- you can specify down to the millimeter. These cut-to-order builds are prepared in the United States, North Carolina to be exact. You can get your linear actuator in three to four weeks -- unheard of in today’s supply chain climate.

SCHUNK's e-mobility solutions
SCHUNK's e-mobility solutions

As far as e-mobility goes, with SCHUNK’s seven+ decades of engineering expertise in the automotive industry, SCHUNK succeeds in quickly and safely converting manufacturing and assembly processes to electromobility. From axis systems to robot accessories, SCHUNK, and elliTek have you covered.

SCHUNK & elliTek - your life-science partner with application know-how.
SCHUNK & elliTek - your life-science partner with application know-how.

Are you in the life science, biotechnology, medical technology, or pharmaceutical industry? Not to worry, SCHUNK is your life-science partner with application know-how.

“It only makes sense to partner with SCHUNK,” says Brandon Ellis, President of elliTek. “SCHUNK focuses on innovation, digitalization, and product optimization. SCHUNK’s philosophy of ‘Visions begin with questions’ falls in line with elliTek’s mission of empowering its customers. We’re looking forward to bringing SCHUNK’s innovation to Tennessee manufacturers.”

With so many options available today, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. When you’re ready to get a grip and move forward, elliTek and SCHUNK will find a suitable solution just for you.

Reach out to elliTek by calling (865) 409-1555 or emailing We'd love the opportunity to get to know you.


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