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CKD electric actuators

CKD's line of closed-loop stepper motor-driven electric actuators incorporates the simplicity of pneumatics with the control and flexibility of electrics making them an ideal choice for your facility's Green Initiatives

CKD designed their electric actuators with compatible mounting to seamlessly upgrade from pneumatic to electric actuators.  The appearance of CKD's electric actuators looks pneumatic.  They also have similar power with incredible speed and control.  In addition, the Valve Mode operation allows users to control electric actuators like a solenoid valve.

elliTek proudly distributes CKD products to industries in East & Middle Tennessee, Northern Georgia, and Lee County, Virginia.

Testimonial about CKD products

"CKD has exceptional products.  We have CKD products that have been running for 20+ years!"
~Senior Maintenance Engineer

CKD EBR Series electric actuator