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Automation Products & Technology for Operational Efficiency. Are you ready?

elliTek proudly distributes CKD products to industries in East & Middle Tennessee, Northern Georgia, and Lee County, Virginia.

CKD USA Corporation is a pioneer of automation technology and products that include both electric and pneumatic solutions.

CKD USA has a substantial lineup that includes electric actuators, direct-drive motors, fieldbus manifolds, pneumatic cylinders, chucks, and collaborative robot grippers.

CKD is committed to environmental protection and develops original, eco-friendly products with their automation technologies.

elliTek has firsthand experience with CKD products and has been impressed with CKD's attention to detail.

With elliTek's extensive integration background and knowledge of CKD products, area manufactures will receive an unsurpassed level of engineering and support.

Explore the possibilities or fill out the form to schedule a consultation with a member of elliTek's engineering team.


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