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Smartshift Robotics baseplate allows you to move your robot to other workstations without reprogramming. It is easy to move and repeat the same operations at a new workstation.


The base clutch secures exact zero-positioning every time. The base is a standard flange that can be mounted on all types of lightweight robots.


This baseplate is custom for Hanwha HCR-5A collaborative robot.


The Robotbase Set consists of one robotbase plate and two baseplates. For pricing, call elliTek at (865) 409-1555.


Smartshift's system can be used in all collaborative applications including:

  • Assembly
  • Palletizing / Packing
  • Machine Tending
  • Material Finishing
  • Quality
  • Welding

Baseplate Hanwha HCR5

SKU: 4505
  • • Utilize 1 robot at several workstations.


    • Fast and easy movement and accurate installation in seconds.


    • Exact zero positioning anywhere, anytime.


    • Repeat teh same operation at a new workstation without reprogramming.


    • Easy to connect and use


    Smartshift Base connects to ALL robots - Industrial and Collaborative.

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