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elliTek distributes Pizzato's Industrial Control & Safety Devices

Pizzato Elettrica is one of the leading European manufacturers of position switches, microswitches, safety devices, safety modules, foot switches, control and signaling devices, and devices for elevators.

Pizzato has a passion for quality, excellence, innovation, and continuous development that is evident in its products. Pizzato's goal is to offer the market safe, reliable, and innovative solutions.

elliTek's engineers are very impressed with the quality and innovation of Pizzato's product portfolio! Pizzato's product catalog contains more than 7,000 articles, with more than 1,500 special codes customized to meet client needs. Pizzato's devices can be grouped according to typology into three main categories:  position switches, safety devices, and human-machine interfaces.


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Pizzato's Position Switches

Pizzato's position switches are installed daily in every type of industrial machinery all over the world for applications such as wood, metal, plastic, automotive, packaging, lifting, medical, naval, etc.

Pizzato can offer one of the widest product ranges of position switches in the world. The use of high-quality materials, high-reliability technologies such as twin bridge contact blocks, as well as the IP67 protection degree make this range of position switches one of the most technologically advanced.

Pizzato's position switches include:

  • Position switches for standard applications

  • Position switches for heavy applications

  • Modular pre-wired position switches

  • Position switches for indoor use

  • Microswitches

  • Switches for special applications (ATEX, high temperature, stainless steel)


Pizzato's Safety Devices

Pizzato's dedication to safety is evident in its continuous development of creating and patenting dozens of products making it one of the main European manufacturers of safety devices.

The massive range of products is specifically for the safety of machinery and includes traditional safety switches with a separate actuator (with or without a locking mechanism) and hinge switches. In addition, Pizzato also offers state-of-the-art anti-tampering devices with RFID technology, such as the ST series sensors, and NG and NS series locking devices.

Pizzato's safety devices also include safety handles for guards. The P-KUBE Krome model's handle illuminates with multicolor signaling LEDs. The CS series safety modules are available in single-function versions or user-programmable with the use of the Gemnis Studio software.

Watch this video demonstration.


Pizzato's Human Machine Interface Devices

Pizzato's control and signaling devices of the EROUND line are designed for use in the man-machine interface sector. This series is one of the most complete and on the cutting edge due to its elegant design and the care for details combined with its maximum safety and reliability. 

Pizzato offers quite a few accessories that are designed to not only complete its wide range of products but also to help with device installation on machines.

Pizzato's human-machine interface products include:

  • Single foot switches

  • Modular foot switches

  • Buttons

  • Emergency buttons

  • Selectors

  • Contact blocks

  • LED units

  • Sockets

  • Indicator lights

  • Potentiometers

  • Joystick

  • Housings

  • Control device units

  • Illuminated discs

  • Accessories EROUND line

  • Buzzers

  • Protected contact blocks


The quality and innovation of Pizzato's product portfolio is something you must see for yourself! 

Watch this short video demonstration then schedule a call with an engineer today.

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