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Make full use of your robot with Smartshift Robotics Master Base. This cost-effective solution allows you to move your robot to other workstations quickly and easily in already pre-programmed robot applications.


With Smartshift's master base, the robot can do multiple tasks in different workstations. For example, the robot can weld for a few hours and then be easily moved to work on an assembly line.


The dovetail slide design is what we love about Smartshift's master base. The dovetail design provides accuracy and repeatability. All the machine references (the datum points) remain unchanged.


Smartshift can customize the master base, so it's compatible for all lightweight collaborative robot brands.


This master base is compatible with Hanwha's HCR-5A cobot.


Call elliTek for volume pricing or pricing for other collaborative robot brands.

Master Base Hanwha HCR5

SKU: 4005
  • • Fast and accurate movement

    Re-deploys in seconds.


    • Accurate

    Re-positioning with the range of five hundredth of a millimeter.


    • Easy to use

    Quick release with accurate locking system.


    • Custom Base

    On request, Smartshift Robotics can custom manufacture bases to fit your robot or cobot type. 


    Smartshift Base connects to all robots - Industrial and Collaborative.

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