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Smartshift Robotics Automatic Pneumatic Tool Changer is an excellent option for quick tool changing between applications.  This tool changer provides automatic mechanical and pneumatic connection with an option to upgrade to electrical connection.


Smartshift Robotics' tool changer includes tool pockets with the ability to exchange tools seamlessly and work on multiple tasks without stopping.


The automatic pneumatic tool changer is Smartshift Robotics' most popular set. To upgrade for an electric solution, a Smartshift Robotics cable electric connector M8 needs to be purchased. M8 connectors are available in female and male.


The automatic pneumatic tool changer consists of one (1) robot master, two (2) tool holders, and two (2) tool pockets.

Tool Pocket 3000

SKU: 3000
  • Fast:

    Works at high speed and precision.


    Flexible and Precise:

    Connecting the robot tools with the range of five hundredth of a millimeter precision. The flexible entry of the pocket gives the operator 100% accuracy on the tool connection, even with marginal entry offset.


    Ease of Use:

    Easy to deploy and redeploy with smart mechanical design.



    Easy installation and high security.

  • Handling payload: 

    15 kg



    Pneumatic 2xG 1/8"

    Electric M8 8 pin 24 V 1 AMP




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