elliTek is proudly serving as East Tennessee's Premier Distributor for Nidec-Shimpo precision gearing solutions

Nidec-Shimpo is the leading supplier of precision gearing solutions for industrial automation companies. With their five-year standard warranty, you can count on the quality and durability of Nidec-Shimpo's products to withstand even the harshest conditions.


Together, Nidec-Shimpo and elliTek can provide you with state-of-the-art drive solutions that will allow you to not only be a contender in this competitive market but to excel. elliTek provides distribution, integration, and training for Nidec-Shimpo products. When you team up with elliTek, you can rest assured you're getting the best!


     High Precision Gearboxes

     Heavy Industrial Gearboxes

     Rack and Pinion

     Custom OEM Solutions

Nidec-Shimpo's High Precision Gearboxes


EV Series




Nidec-Shimpo's high precision gearboxes offer the ultimate in flexibility and ease of configuration with the highest level of precision, performance, and value that are unmatched in the industry.

Inline Planetary Gearboxes (VR Series) manufactured by Nidec-Shimpo offer a wide variety of frames sizes, ratios, and configurations that are unmatched in the industry.


Right-angle Planetary Gearboxes (EV Series) are the choice when space is limited. The core right-angle products are similar to the inline gearboxes with some differences in terms of internal bearing design and output mounting.

Flexwave is Nidec-Shimpo's latest strain wave (harmonic) gear unit that surpasses all others in accuracy and repeatability. Flexwave's compact design achieves zero backlash. It's ideal for any assembly automation application requiring fine positioning.


Right-angle Worm Gearboxes (EJ Series) are ideal for complex applications that require a compact footprint without sacrificing performance and flexibility.

Rotary Index Tables (ST Series) provide precision, flexibility, and options that are unsurpassed in the industry.


Traction Drives manufactured by Nidec-Shimpo excel in handling higher input, smoother rotation, higher reduction ratios, and lower backlash.


The ERH Series Cycloidal Gearbox is a compact, robust cycloidal reducer designed for servo applications.



Heavy Industrial Gearboxes


For extreme manufacturing processes where durability is a must, Nidec-Shimpo's heavy industrial power transmission products set a higher standard.


The dependable and compact nature of these gearboxes is ideal for industries including agricultural operations, mining, oil & gas, recycling processes, steel production, and wastewater treatment.​

Inline Cycloidal Gearboxes

The ER 3000 Circulute Series utilizes cycloidal gearing technology that is extremely durable, compact, and requires minimal maintenance after installation. The rugged ER 3000 Series product family offers high shock load capacity and minimal friction and wear compared to other styles of gearing.​

Mechanical Adjustable Drives

The Ring-cone technology sets Nidec-Shimpo's RXC Series apart from other electronic variable speed drives in performance. The RIng-cone is a mechanical adjustable speed drive that uses a ring and cone friction power train. This allows the user greater control and flexibility even in the most severe conditions.


Rack and Pinion Drive Systems

Rack and Pinion drive systems
VRL system by Nidec-Shimpo
VRS System by Nidec-Shimpo
VRT System by Nidec-Shimpo
VRT Torque System by Nidec-Shimpo
Nidec-Shimpo racks
ISO9409-1-A-Helical-Small pinion



VRL System

  • Standard performance system with feed forces to 8,000N

  • Lower requirements for positioning accuracy, rigidity, and smoothness

  • 23 ratios from 3:1 to 100:1

  • Gearbox frame sizes 070-155mm

  • Fit for plasma and water-jet cutting machines, welding robots, 7th axis shuttles, gantry, and material handling systems

VRS System

  • High-performance system with feed forces up to 12,500N

  • High requirements for positioning accuracy, rigidity, and smoothness

  • Gearbox frame sizes 060-1800mm

  • Tapered roller bearings for high radial and axial load capacity

  • Fit for applications with high dynamics like plastic or wood machining centers, CNC routers, and pipe bending machines


Nidec-Shimpo offers an extensive array of rack and pinion drive systems each with remarkable accuracy, system rigidity, feed forces, torque density, and efficiency.


All critical processes including cutting, machining, broaching, grinding induction hardening and testing are done in Nidec-Shimpo's ISO 9001/14001 manufacturing facility.





  • Helical or straight cut 

  • Module 0.5 to 12

  • Quality levels 5 through 10

  • Lengths from 0.5m to 3m



  • Keyed helical pinion with optimized tooth geometry, mod sizes from 1.5 to 4, quality level 6, shrink fit connection for reliable positioning of the pinion 

  • IOS9409-1-A helical pinion for heavy loads and fine accuracy, mod sizes from 2 to 6, quality level 5, compact connection, high move speeds

  • ISO9409-1-A small helical pinion with optimized tooth geometry, mod sizes of 1.5 to 4, quality level 5, shrink fit connection


VRT System

  • High-performance system with feed forces up to 12,500N

  • Maximum requirements for positioning accuracy, rigidity, and smoothness

  • Gearbox frame sizes 064-200mm

  • Compact ISO 9409 Flange connection with optimal tooth geometry

  • Fit for high-end machine tool applications like portal milling machines, turning machines, and measurement systems


VRT Torque+ System

  • Maximum performance system with feed forces to 18,000N

  • Maximum requirements for linear stiffness, rigidity, and torque density

  • Gearbox frame sizes 090-200mm

  • Compact ISO 9409 Flange connection with small pinion

  • Fit for high-end machine tool applications like portal milling machines, turning machines, and measurement systems



Custom OEM Solutions


For any custom gear solution you might need, Nidec-Shimpo and elliTek will work closely with you to meet the specific needs of the application.


Custom gearmotor assemblies are ideal in applications that require improved gearbox performance. These  applications can include:


  • Robotics

  • Applications that require special printing or packaging

  • Medical equipment

  • Custom AGVs

  • Uncommon actuator packages

  • Mail handling and sorting systems

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